The One That Got Away - Part 1  

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8/27/2006 11:24 pm
The One That Got Away - Part 1

There are some sexual encounters you forget almost immediately. There are others that stay with you a lifetime. I close my eyes and I can still recall every minute of that astounding weekend.

We met online, in a trivia room. No sparks at first; we played for weeks without really noticing each other. With a room full of women playing trivia, there's a bit of banter but we mostly concentrate on the game.

Then, late one evening, we were down to just four players. My friend to be and I were answering virtually all the questions. One of the other players left and then the other. It was just the two of us. We joked about the questions, we joked about life in general and slowly got to know each other.

We started to look forward to our almost nightly meetups in the trivia room. My housemate asked one night, "What are you laughing at? Why are you talking to the computer?" I hadn't realized it but I had taken to laughing a giggling out loud every night when I met up with my new friend.

Slowly, the flirting became more overt; we sent each other photos; we discovered that we lived not far from each other. There was long weekend coming up. She asked if I would come to see her. I said yes.

We drove ourselves crazy in the next 10 days. Flirting and fooling around but never quite going as far as cybering. We wanted our first time to be in person.

She had described herself as "soft butch." I still wasn't entirely certain what the term meant, but I was about to learn.

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