oining in the Miracle of the Second Mellenium Light will lift the future to Bold New Heights  

PleasingPulsator 72M
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5/3/2006 3:34 pm
oining in the Miracle of the Second Mellenium Light will lift the future to Bold New Heights

You Pleasing Pulsator, whose PleasePulsePussy Yahoo.com email address, as well as many other email addresses, carry the edition scriptures 'designed' to makes your day, such as at, for example, TeleCountyUSA Yahoo.com shall were say, is a 'Standard' member sleeping on the Street by the Tara Tai Resturant on Fairfax in Arlington Virginia, and he has been suffering to lift the moral vision of women for many many years, at least since being Junior and Senior Class President of our 1963, and 1964 High School Class in the Southern California Southbay, when three out of four of the best students were girls.
However, though your Pleasing Pulsator has obviously succeeded in that Pleasing Pulsator Pursuit, he has been continuously betrayed by those with whom he became involved as a litigation attorney representing struggling individuals and groups. Living in homeless and destitution on the Streets of the National Capital Region sine 1990, your Pleasing Pulsator took to the Internet in 2002, after giving those who would betray, twelve (12) years to write for forgiveness to your Pleasing Pulsator's 1750 Pennsylvnaia Ave Post Office Box Address in Washington DC.
The Internet has been a wonder for saving email published editions of your Pleasing Pulsator's World Vision of Women in the News (Newd), which includes;
(a), Recovering Control of your Pleasing Pulsator Created, Substitute, Infrastructure Producing Economy, which was designed to substitute Infrastructure design and operation work for the Manufacturing work being transferred overseas, and which was Politically Stolen by the "Privatization Political Phantoms", and (b), organizing the "Office Society" to form Employee Owned Office staffs, which are thereby shielded from Infiltation by Arm Band wearing, Human Resource, Global Plantation Economy and Hedonist Culture Serving, Agencies, now gaining access through extorting proprietors.
Such Office Staffs, being so organized, because office staffs are Infrastructure Administering Operations, in every sense, can then go about creating Overseas Divisions, and splitting their time at home and abroad each year, assisting in a mission to build out the Global Plantation Economies, which are enslaving Peonage Labor to manufacture Consumer Products for Export to the Western Nations, ergo, the reason that your Pleasing Pulsator's Substitute Economy was Stolen by the powerful and evangelical elite; which elite, have fashioned social class protection operations out of non profit and religious, police glorifying, institutions, and such powerful elite are widely and heinously utilizing the willingness of such religious and non profit social class consorts to Insufferably Berate and Retaliate, as a mechanism to isolate and direct socially obvious Hostility against a person or persons taking spirited public issue with the global design of establishing Permanent Global Plantation Market Economies.
By such social evolution of Elitist Social and Media Control, these Denizens of Damnation's Design have thereby established, inter alia, albeit, to be 'infrastructure-administered', by the religious and nonprofit consorts of Damnation, through the economic mechanism of Predatory Pricing Secondary Markets, in all Western Nations, venues to serve the low-income-class', as a conspicuous consumption, hedonistic lifestyle community of those masses of persons whose lack of education and 'market economy' encouraged lust for prideful desire, has bankrupted all the diverse cultures of immigrant populations in the United States; and who is not an immigrant, Chief?

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