Meeting Mark........and not for the last time  

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8/6/2006 9:27 am

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Meeting Mark........and not for the last time

Chip was waiting in the hotel lobby right on time, and had a huge smile as he saw me coming toward him, dressed to kill m in my new satin dress (with nothing underneath, as he would later discover). Since he had been scheduled to work today for the early lunch shift, he was off at six, which was great for me; it’s never good to keep a girl waiting, especially since it had been a late one the night before. Much as I had enjoyed fucking all night with this great looking stud, I was a little tired today. Not as young as I used to be, I guess. Nonetheless, the offer to meet his friend in Buckhead sounded too good to miss - tired or not. When Chip had described his friend to me the night before (a body builder and into leather), he sounded delicious, so I was looking forward to meeting the guy and - if things worked out - seeing what he had to offer. What's a woman to have without a fantasy of a stud like this!

We got a taxi easily at the hotel, and headed for Buckhead. Along the way, since neither of us had eaten dinner, we stopped for two pizzas to take with us. We drove along what appeared to be a major parkway for a while, and then Chip had to give the driver directions through Buckhead to his friend's house. The house turned out to be a small, very ordinary looking semidetached house along a very ordinary looking street. I was a little disappointed. I do not know what I had expected, but this didn't look like it. Chip paid the driver, the cab left, and we walked up the walk to the front door and rang the bell.

Unlike the house itself, the guy who answered the door WAS everything I had expected - and more ‒ enough that a little shiver ran down my spine as I took it all in. His name was Mark. He was about 6'1", a little taller than me, and had the broadest shoulders I had ever seen. Standing in the doorway of this little house made him look even bigger than he was. He had short jet black hair with a little salt and pepper. His rugged facial features made him look particularly formidable. He was wearing a loose sweat shirt and tight, faded jeans which outlined a nice looking bulge to the left of his crotch. It seemed to extend half way to his knees.

We shook hands and Mark led us toward the kitchen in the back of the house. So, of course, I checked him out a bit. His neck was thick and muscular. His strong looking back tapered from his wide shoulders down a tight, narrow waist and a pair of great looking tight buns which tensed and relaxed as he walked. His thighs looked well developed and stretched at the thin material of his jeans so that it looked like they were about to split. His feet were bare. He moved with the firm grace of a seasoned athlete. In the kitchen was a small table against one wall, with three chairs, and the usual stove, fridge, etc. Mark motioned me to the middle chair and got a couple of drinks out of the bar. We talked for a while about nothing in particular as we drank and ate the pizza. As Mark moved about I got a good image of his well developed body under the sweat shirt and jeans. Mark made sure as he sat to my side with his legs spread, so that I got a good view of his basket.

After about an hour, three more drinks and all of the pizza, Mark looked at me and said, "I hear you and Chip had a ball last night" Mark put his hand on my knee right between my milky thighs, squeezed it a bit, and said, "Want to check out my playroom with us?" It sounded great to me, since I already knew I wanted to get to know Mark much better. Mark got up from the table, tossed the empty pizza boxes in the trash and said, "OK, let's go." As we got upstairs, Mark pointed us toward his bedroom. On the wall were a couple of nude pictures that I immediately recognized as Mark. One thing about him in particular grabbed my attention.... and it made me so wet, I....."

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Again...I need more...

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