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5/31/2005 9:53 am

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*~*Yes Sir ! *~*

"Get undressed," he said, " I want you completely naked." When she hesitated, he snapped, "NOW!". Quickly removed her clothes. "Let Me see you, " he said. "Stand up straight, stretch your arms up over your head and spread your legs."She separated her feet slightly and raised her arms. "Wider," he snapped. She spread her feet wider and started at his face. "Nice", he said "Show Me your tits." Hold those tits for me so I can see how full they are." When her arms remained in the air, he said "Do it Now." She then cupped her breasts. "Pinch the nipples and make them hard. Show them to me." Embarrassed but so aroused, she pinched her nipples until they swelled. " Nice titties," he said. "Big and soft" You'll do nicely." When she went to put her feet together, he said "Not in my presence. Your feet will always be apart, your body ready for me. Do you understand? " She node at him. "Come here," he said. She crossed the room and stood before him. He stared at her legs and glared. She looked down , then separated her feet. "Stand with your chest against the wall."She moved so she stood facing a bare wall, then felt his hand on her back, pressing her tightly against the cold surface. He raised her arms above her head, spread about as far apart as her feet. "How much of this do you want?"he asked. "I can make you cry or beg, I can hurt you or just control you. What do you want? " She wanted to try everything. "Everything," she whispered."I want to try it all." He smiled at her. "Good gril," he said. Then she felt the snap as cold metal cuffs were locked onto her wrists and ankels, then he attached the cuffs to the wall. She couldn;t move. Then he placed blinfold over her eyes.She could see nothing. "Now," he said,"we begin." He inserted his finger in her slit. "Such a hot slut," he said. "So wet. Let's cool you down a llittle." She heard noises, then jumped as something very cold pressed against her heated lips. The frozen object was inserted into her channel. "Some ice should cool you off a bit. You're much too excited." He rubbed another ice cube over her slit, numbing her flesh, yet heating her belly." God, thats too cold,"she said." You will say nothing or I'll gag you, too." Then he rubbed her clit and laughed. "You want this. Your body tells me everything." She did want it. Cold water trickled down her inner thigh but she couldn't move to wipe it off."Now, let's see how you like this part." Suddenly she felt a hard slap on her right buttock.Then one on her left. She groaned. Again and again, his hand landed on her heated flash. She burned.She throbbed, yet she was also incredibly turned on. The pleasure/pain filled her body. She could control her body no longer and she climaxed. Without anyone touching her pussy, without being filled with anything but an ice cube.

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5/31/2005 11:42 am

Damn.........never been big into the true bondage, master slave stuff, but hmmmmmm, you got me there.

I'm mike, write me.

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5/31/2005 12:44 pm

Oh,I like it. I want the girl do the same thing to me. hhh..mmm enjoying myself.

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5/31/2005 12:46 pm

Nice story. I got excited just reading it. Even imagined myself as your master, commanding you to do whatever I pleased. I could see the events being a good beginning to a very hot night of passion.

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Welcome to blogland girl, great way to start

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