How to Open the Naughty Play Door in Shy People  

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6/6/2006 4:00 pm

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How to Open the Naughty Play Door in Shy People

Below is a letter sent to a friend who wanted to know how he could get his wife to open thier marrage to other women:


I have had best friends that were married and I have met couples in dance clubs who felt the same way. They said that they would NEVER think about letting in any one into their bed (girl, guy, or couple). But, after only about 30 minutes of talking -- They are soo hot thinking about the possibilities that they go for it that same night or within just a few days. I had a best friend that said he would kill anyone that even looked at his wife. She was Gorgeous! He beat the shit out of a guy in a bar that said, “hi” to her. After I talked to him about what I am about to tell you he started to let his imagination open - A few days later I was sucking on her tits and licking her pussy right in front of him. He totally digs this stuff now.

Now with your wife. You have to stimulate her imagination to get her to open the naughty parts of her mind that we all have. If you put the right images in her mind - SHE will talk YOU into doing it. Be careful though - Because once that can of worms is opened for a girl - it is very hard too close. She will want more -- including being with a man or two one day.

The way I do it is to first Explain that jealousy is an emotion that YOU control or one that CONTROLS you. When you “picture” your partner being with another person sexually your heart starts to race, your body starts to tingle, your head fills with blood, and you get light headed - Then if your emotions take over by themselves you (or she in this case) can become very hurt and very angry. But, if you can mentally grab hold of your own emotions, you can actually GUIDE them towards sexual excitement.

Make sure you have a strong bond that can not be broken. Make sure that she feels safe and secure to express her inner fantasies to you. Do not get freaked out by anything she says. Then explain the concept above. Tell her to GUIDE her emotions towards excitement. Let her know that she is safe to do so and that nothing bad will happen if she lets her feelings go. Let her know that you won’t think different of her and that she will still be sweet and beautiful to you no matter what she says or does. Encourage her to let her brain indulge her mind to imagine her deepest most naughty fantasies. Once she can Imagine these fantasies in her own brain safely have her describe them in detail out loud to you. Then you are on your way.

Everyone has their deep dirty naughty fantasies. Everyone! Most people just lock them away in a dark place in their mind for FEAR that those fantasies are too naughty to let out. They are afraid to talk about them let alone actually Do them because they are scared that others will think of them as dirty if they knew. But, if they feel safe that they can open that locked door in their brain and let it out -- It will all come rushing out.

Word of warning - once you start this - If you for one second show that you are hurt or upset by anything she says - Its all over. You never know what they are thinking. She may open her door and out comes a fantasy that she wants you to watch her fuck 3 boys at the same time, or she thinks your best friend is hot (for example). If you show that you are upset that she opened that door -- Boom!! It’s closed again and she will not trust you to open that door in front of you again.

These are powerful techniques. They Really work if done correctly.

I have tried this on couples in nightclubs who are NOT swingers and who have never swapped in any way before. After 30 minutes of talking and getting thier minds to open I have actually kissed and groped married girls in the nightclubs as their husband sat next to us and watched by using these explanations. Some couples got so hot from this type talk and play in a club that they actually came to my house to talk and play more -- where the play escalated to me taking off her clothes, sucking her tits, licking her pussy, her sucking my dick, 69, and me actually fucking the wife while the husband jerked off watching.

Sexual Excitement is Powerful shit if you can open their mind. It will become a drug that they just have to have more of.

PS -- Make it easy on yourself. Just let your girl read my letter here and then the two of you talk about it. Have a little alcohol first. Not drunk - just a little buzz. Do it correctly - it will totally work.

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6/6/2006 6:10 pm

Wow!! You sound like you know what you are doing. We have picked up girls and couples in the club too. But, usually with a lot of drinks and a lot of flirting. Cool Stuff!

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