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8/31/2006 1:22 am
unfortunatepoet at aol and yahoo

the hole

theres a feeling i have in my heart
as if you were ripped away
taken with my soul
i cant bare this pain
its what has driven me insane
so i crawl up a wall
scrathing at my face
makeing myself hurt
for a reason that i dont understand
are you pushing me away
or is this just a sick game that you play
correct me if im wrong
but it was you that said dont leave me
yet as life went on
it was you that has left me
in the dark of a hole
so all i ask is for you
to reach out you hand
help me up for i hate this hole
its way to familar
its like it has become my home
a place that should not exsist
please i beg of you return
to be my bride
by taking this hand i have once offered
help me make this be the way we become free
why is it that it is hard for you to see
that i cant survive without you
you are my life
the other part of my soul
with out you i am nothing
except a lost cause
place your hand on my heart
tell me if it beats still
for my touch has grown cold
i can not feel my pulse
dose it beat to a song
sung for love
singing like a fairytale
that how it sounds
let me know that you still love me
tell me that you are laying next to me
i have grown blind
my hearing if fadeing qwick
pull me back to the reality that once was
or if it were a dream let me fall back asleep
for i never want to wake again
i dont want to die away from you
yet when your gone it feels as if i day everyday
so take this plea for more
take it seriously
you are the only one that can save me now
for i have fallen into this hole that should not be

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