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9/29/2005 12:32 pm

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International Communication

I decide to improve my english - so correct me please. Improvement - some people (mails) told (and still telling) me I should improve my size. How do they now my size? What is this sh*t about? Does anybody in the world still think that you kann improve your size without surgery??? If there is anyone - let me know, I owe you a brain. If anybody is offended - I apology. I do not intend to offend anyone in a blog (except real idiots - but who cares for real idiots).

Regarding size does matter - I think this was the Godzilla trailer - why can't anybody tell me what's a good size. What is average? I need answers, is there a difference betwenn the US size and the european size. However, I think I am alright, good morning night and day.

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