Moment 1  

Picoka28 35F
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8/9/2005 1:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Moment 1

Currently heart broken.

DrZigman 34M

8/9/2005 9:53 pm

Awwwwww, chin up! It can only get better from here

rm_ElOboeSolo 44M
1 post
8/13/2005 8:22 pm

I'm really sorry to hear that Picoka. I wish you better roads ahead and happier skies! Believe me, I know what it is like to have your heart broken... it is not fun! I sympathize with you.

stitchlover 43F

8/18/2005 4:09 pm

Maybe what you want is a woman and not a man, have you ever thaught that. Take a look at my blog and maybe it will get you out of that "what to do" feeling. Enjoy, and a piece of advise for you, really, there is always someone better, if there isnt, then that's because you are really confused as to what you are and what you want. Good luck. Ciao.

mickey3400 55M
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8/27/2005 3:50 pm

the best way to get out of the mood is to spend more time shopping and finding new things,or an afternnon at the spa being pampered,if you don't get over him at least you will feeeeeel better

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