His Fantasy relised her fetish fulfilled.  

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His Fantasy relised her fetish fulfilled.

Standing in this room, everyone was looking at me as in “what has gotten in to this man we all know” but at the same time with a slight bit of excitement in their eyes as well. Staring at me are 4 naked men and one woman. How did I get here? Very interesting how when I think about it. Because had I blinked my eyes, I think I would have missed it. I didn’t even see me at this point here and now until this very moment that I stand here.

How did it start? Oh yea, let me tell you. I was on my computer one night when I get an instant message out of the clear blue sky. It was this guy that said he saw my web presence on a blog site and he liked what he saw. I was a bit leery as I have no intent of having any relations with a guy. So I reply back with the typical hello, nice to meet you, and where you from questions trying to get a feel for what I was up against. He started explaining how he liked some of the stories and experiences I posted on my blog. Of course I was flattered because it’s nice to see when people appreciate my hard work. No puns intended. Either way, our conversation continued and quickly turned in to talk about sex and sex with multiple partners. The red flags go up again, but as our conversation continues I clearly see he’s not looking for a man for him, but maybe to join him and his wife. We started sharing our experiences and then he told me what he wants to experience with his wife. The love must have been strong because what he was asking for was usually the opposite of what most men that want to swing ask for. More so for her pleasure instead of his. He wanted to see his wife being gangbanged.

This immediately caught my attention, not because I was ready to jump in on that bandwagon, but because most guys that ever ask me advice on how to get their wives to do any extra curricular activity, they usually want to live out the typical “Help me convince her to be bi so I can have two women at the same time” type of stuff. Hardly ever have I met on that wanted another man to join them for sex, let alone a gangbang affair for her. To top it off, he just wanted to watch her while these men…. strangers just had their way with her. Just talking about it I could tell how excited he gotten when he spoke about it. He even started to go in to detail on their previous exploits. There weren’t many, he spoke of them as if they had happened just the day before as a seasoned vet would have spoke of the few favorite times they had.

One was about a night when they were he met a man, who happened to be a cop, and he had expressed his desires with. Well one day while in the midst of some serious heated passion with his wife, he called the police officer up, who happened to be on duty. When the officer answered all he heard was the sound of skin slapping and moans and groans. Being as resourceful as the officer was, he found the house that the man and his wife lived in and decided to pay a visit. After knocking on the door the cop was greeted by his friend who was butt naked in the doorway. The officer was invited in and escorted to the back room to see the naked wife quickly grabbing the sheets in surprise as she didn’t know that someone else was in the house.

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to put your hands behind your back for me please.”

In total dismay she stood in the bed requesting a reason for this intrusion and also an answer to why this cop wanted to put cuffs on her.

“Please ma’am, don’t make this difficult. You will have all your answers soon enough.”

The husband forced a surprised look on his face trying to keep the tears of laughter from breaking out as he knew what was going on. “Baby, don’t make this hard. Just do as he says and I’ll call the lawyer and we’ll get this straightened out right away.”

“Listen to your husband, because I think it probably will be resolved before you ever get to the station from what I understand” said the law enforcer as he reached for his handcuffs. “Sir, could you go get something to cover”

The man of the house turns around and starts to exit the room and the cuffs are slapped around her wrist. The officer places his foot between her feet and spreads her legs, “You don’t have anything concealed that I need to know about before we get to the station do you?”

“I’m ass naked, how could I conceal anything?” harshly she replied.

He started to run his hands down her back as he forced her to bend over the bed. She felt his hands starting to run down her back in a very in appropriate way. “What the f……!!” she started to exclaim as she jumped up, she noticed her husband in the corner playing with himself as he watch what the officer was doing. Then she focused on the officer as she saw that his shirt was now half unbuttoned, exposing his shapely chest. Half confused she could see her husband with a smirkish grin, her anger turned in to complete excitement. “You knew?”

“I never left the room baby”, he told her, “He was listing to us on the phone. You said you’d like to role play with a cop uniform. Why play when we could have the real thing?”

“Spread your legs ma’am. I’m going to have to do a cavity search to make sure you’re not concealing any weapons or any paraphernalia”

As she slides her legs apart, she feels his fingers slowly slide down between her cheeks and inside her. Her tight little twat squeeze tightly around the searching officers fingers. Her husband watched as the officer pulled his fingers out. Watching her fluids hand from the cop’s fingers made him very attentive what was going to happen next.

“I need a closer look because I think I felt something.” Said the uniformed servant. He kneeled to one knee as he used both hands to spread her cheeks apart as if he really could see up inside her. His face slowly nears her lips that are dripping in anticipation. He extends his tongue to touch the tip of her clit. He starts to massage it slowly with a very light and teasing touch. She shutters and her legs tighten. The officer feels this, then he starts to move his tongue between her lips, making a brief pause to tongue fuck her for a second. No sooner than she starts to enjoy this, he starts his tongue back on it’s journey until it reached dead center of her butt cheeks. She wanted to jump back on to the bed when the officer traces the rim of her anus.

“mmm…” she moaned.

He has had his fill of this he works back to her clit. Up on reaching there, he traps it between his lips and gently starts to suck on it. As if that wasn’t enough to give her pleasure, he inserts two fingers. One in her love nest and one in her ass.

“OH MY GAWD!” she exclaims. “MMM… Damn!” she continues.

She starts to worry about her husband, so between the sensations that shoot through her body every time the cop’s tongue hits the right spot, she glances back to see him looking on at her with his dick in one hand and his balls in the other and a smile like a kid that was told he was getting his most wished for present for his birthday.

“I want to enjoy this with him”, she thought but realized she was enjoying with him as he was just as excited if not more than she was right now. This made her even more wet and horny. Just watching her husband watch her while playing with his rock hard tool mad her want to orgasm. Yes, just the thought made her want to enjoy even more.

She lost herself in her husband’s eyes and his pleasure that she didn’t even realize the man behind her had stood up and inserted his hard member in to her until he pressed it all the way in. His hard throbbing stick of joy did just that. Provided her with a lot of joy. You could hear it in her voice when she said, “Oh shit!” She could feel that he was much bigger than her husband.

“You like that big dick don’t you honey?” asked her husband as he watcher arch her back from the pleasure of penetration.

“Uh-huh”, she whispered back.

The officer grabbed a hand full of her hair and forced her head back. He started in faster and deeper with each stroke. He whimpers of lust turned in to screams of pleasure. She felt a calmness come over her body for just a split second and then in a split second after, she couldn’t catch her breath as she tried to yell. The water damn had broke… Her orgasmic waters flowed everywhere. Her wetness covered her new bed playmate from just below his stomach and ran down off of his nuts. It was also running down her legs as if someone pour a cup of water down between them. She growled, “Oooooooo..” as she came a second time as soon as the first one started to release the lock it had on her whole body. One thing her husband liked was that when she started cumming, she didn’t stop.

Her instant on wetness made the feeling unbearable to the officer. He started to loose the rhythm of his stroke. His gut and legs tightened up as he felt his cock explode in joy and satisfaction.

The law enforcer enforced his last few strokes in to her, she looked back to her husband again to see that he had his nut all over his stomach and oozing down his hand. She leaned forward, pulling the half hard, dripping cock that was still deep within her. Still with her hands cuffed behind her back, she walked over to her husband, leaned over, and started licking up every last drop he wasted upon himself. When every drop was cleaned from his body and hands she started to lick from his sack to the tip his dick that was still jumping around in excitement.

She worked her wet tongue up his stomach, to his neck and then whispered in his ear, “I love you. Only you could do something that would bring me to this level of excitement and share it with me in the ways that you do.” The words brought an even bigger smile to his face.

The husband looked at the officer and said, “Thank you for doing your civic duty officer. I don’t think I’ll be pressing charges, so I guess you can release her.”

“I’ll be keeping my eye on you missy!” said the cop in a stern voice. “You better not give him any more grief. Sir, if you need any more assistance from me, you know my phone number. Feel free to call me” he continued as he released her from her cuffs.

After getting dressed, he exited the house leaving the two lovers in the room.

As this man told me this story about him and his wife, I because slightly aroused myself. Now he’s asking me if I can set a couple of friends to come to a hotel room with him and gangbang his wife. Now I’ve helped a few people bring extra pleasure to their wife in the bedroom. I’ve even been in orgies. But never have I been in a gangbang, let alone set one up.

I informed him that I could as I was trying to think of about 4 or 5 of my closest friends that would be good in this situation that would make the experience pleasurable for her, not just us.

The husband and I talked for a while longer setting up the details such and time and place. He also told me things like she liked men in uniform and being told what to do. Things like this to set up the whole plot.

That date arrived sooner than I had expected and it was time to perform. Wait ‘til you see what we did. We were to meet in a hotel that the husband had already set up and paid for. When they made it to town, he and his wife were going to start making love. Then we were supposed to show up when he called us on the phone so we could listen. But I had to call him to warn him that we were already in the room. He told her that he had a surprise he wanted to try something new that they had discussed in the past. Not knowing what he had in store for her, she questioned and inquired. He just laughed at her attempts to figure out what they were going to do as he led her to the room. We left the room slightly opened, so the couple walks in to see four guys standing in the bedroom. On the bed she saw dildos, a blindfold, a pair of cuffs, and a big box of condoms. With big eyes she looked around the room, at the four gentlemen and then towards her husband..

“Uhm… What are you planning baby?” she asked.

He replied, “To see how many orgasms you can have in one night.”

“Uhm… Ok… I don’t know if I can though baby. I kind of want to though. But how do you feel about it?” she questioned him and herself.

“Baby. I know you love me and I love you. I want to do this just to show you how much I love you. I know you want it. It would never change anything between us. Never!” he said to comfort her.

With some relief in her voice, she spoke, “Ok, for you I’ll do it….. but no toys. Just the men”

“Attention!” I screamed as I exited the bathroom from where I was hidden. The men all jumped to, standing erect.

A bit startled, she spun around as she jumped focusing her attention on my entrance. “What the fuck!” fell out of her mouth. I stood there in full military fatigues, black shinny boots, and a hat that looked like I robbed it from Smoky the Bear.

“Welcome to basic training of privates. I am your Dick Instructor or DI. You will address me as Drill or Sir! Is that understood?!” All the men in the room bellowed yes sir. But she still sat there with her mouth wide open at the site of me. “Do I look pretty to you missy? Are you star struck? I will give you something to do with that mouth later! So close it, whip the drool from you lip and answer me when I’m speaking! Is that understood?”

Softly she spoke, “Yes sir…” as a grin started to sneak over her face.

“Get over there and line up! Fall in! Quickly! Quickly!” I barked. Causing them to shuffle in to a straight line across the foot of the bed. I started walking towards the line up. “You are here today, as my trainees. You will do as I say, when I say and for as long as I say! Is that understood?!”

“Yes sir!” replied the group.

“GOOD! Let me get you all some names so I know who the hell I’m talking too. You better remember your name! You….” as I look to the husband, “I’ve talked to you before… You like to talk. You get in to everything you say… So you’re Preacher Boy.”

He nodded his head and answered, “Yes sir.”

As I continued my way down the line to the next individual and looked at the person. I continued, “You look like the type of person who thinks they run shit! Or the starting line up. You’ll be Alpha Dog. Hell, just Alpha for short. Next to him, yea you pretty boy. I’m talking to you. You think you’re all sexy. I’m gonna call you Romeo.”

Both of them nodded their heads and also answered “Yes sir.”

Upon reaching the fourth guy in the line up I kind of stutter-stepped and hesitated with my words. “Oh, boy, looky here looky here. Look what they have sent me. One lone white guys amongst all the black folks. You don’t feel uncomfortable boy do you?” I inquired.

“No sir!” he replied in a very strong and sure voice.

I continued, “You better be sure, because I’m gonna watch for you to fall short! No PONS intended. You look like you act black…. Hmmmm.. I’m gonna call you chocolate chip, because all that white cookie dough with a little bit of chocolate that everyone can see.”

With a even stronger voice he said, “I won’t let you down sir. Promise!”

“Good!” was my replay as I walked over to preacher man’s wife. “You haven’t earned the right to be a soldier yet. Are you ready to prove yourself to me, following my every order, move when, where and how I say move?”

She spoke, “Yes sir.”

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” I bellowed deep from my gut.

From the top of her lungs I hear, “YES SIR!”

“GOOD. That’s better. Now you don’t have a name. I will call you whatever I please at that moment and you will like it. You will like everything I say and everything you do here today.” as I walked back to the front of the room I continued, “Now fellas, I want one of you at each corner of that bed facing the bed. MOVE IT NOW!”

Upon the end of my words they scurried like ants to a picnic. Each one running to a corner of the bed doing as I had instructed.

No sooner were each of the men settled to their respected post, I tuned to her, “Now missy. I what you to hop your cute, little ass up on the center of that bed. We are going to start with a drill I call strip tease. But it has a twist. You will NOT touch your clothes. You will undress these men one by one. You dance, they get naked. In two songs time, they all better be down to their skivvies and nothing else. And EACH one better be pitching a tent when you’re done. I don’t care how you do it, except you can’t touch, fondle, kiss or suck on there toy. You will begin when I press play.”

I started the music and all eyes were on her. She started moving like a shy little girl that knew all attention was on her but quickly started getting in to the ‘swing’ of things. First approaching her husband, she looked at him with timid little eyes, slowly running her fingers through his hair, pulling his head ever so slightly towards her gyrating belly. He could smell the excitement between her legs. He knew that without even being touched, she was already getting horny.

Next she dipped down so she could look him directly in the eyes. With out loosing eye contact, she unbuckled his belt and grabbed a fist full of his shirt. She leaned over and nibbled on his neck. In his ear she whispered, “I love you baby. Thank you for this”

He just smiled as he closed his eyes for the sensation that was cause by the warmth of her breath running across the wet area she left from the nibbling. She knew his spot, so it’d be easy to get him to ‘pitch a tent’ as she was instructed. She pulled the bottom of his shirt over his head, trapping him so that he couldn’t see. While holding the shirt in one hand she reaches for his pants with the other and starts to shimmy them down. At the same time she lets her tongue trace the lining of his nipple. When she could tell it was hard with enthusiasm she starts on the second one. By the time she had finished with both nipples his pants dropped to the floor and she lifted the shirt from over his head. She looked down between his legs to see that she had completed the first objective of her mission.

Next she crawled on her hands and knees to the opposite corner, raising her ass high in the air so that all could see as she approached the one affectionately named Chocolate Chip. Up on reaching her destination she grabbed him by the shirt collar and whispered in his ear, “I’ve never been with a white boy before. I hope you dispel all the myths” She then unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his chest. “Mmmm”, she moaned. When his shirt was completely opened, she wrapped her hands around his body, digging her nails in to his back and pulling him face close to hers. His lips lightly meet hers as she rakes her hands down his back, lifting his shirt away as her hands travel. When her finger tips reach his beltline his shirt drops to the floor. She then traces her finger around the trim of her paints where she unfastens his pants, presses her lips a little bit tighter against his. He feels a gush of air as the zipper is dropped with out any effort. Reaching in to his pants and down the sides of his legs then grabs his firm ass in both hands. As she pulled away from him and release his butt cheeks he pants also dropped to the floor.

Standing from her knees she looks at the remaining two clothed men standing about her in the bed. A smirk came to her face as she decided to choose Alpha Dog next. “Look at those lips”, she said. “I bet you really know how to use those. I’m gonna test them out later. Ok?”

Licking his lips he replied, “Yea. That’ll be alright by me.”

After he answered she spun him around so his back was to her and pulled him back sitting him on the bed. She placed one hand on his head and guided him to lay down on the bed. Getting on all fours, she kissed his lips and started moving down, removing every button on his shirt with her teeth. She pealed his shirt opened and started licking down his chest. Her breast hung over his head. He could see the shape of the two nicely shaped melons. He could smell the light scent of her body as she traced the lines of his body with her tongue. She could feel his body quiver and shutter from her light, sensual kisses. She unbuttoned his pants with one and held on and exposing the zipper. She grasped the zipper between her teeth and pulled it to open it exposing his boxers. By the time the zipper was completely opened her legs straddles Alpha’s face. Just inches above his nose, you could see that he just wanted so to extend his tongue to see how she tasted. If it hadn’t been for her still wearing her pants he probably would have. Alpha’s urge became unbearable but he became quickly distracted as he realized how effortlessly she had removed his pants. By the time he mind had caught up to his situation, she was asking him to stand back to his feet at his corner of the bed.

One more left. She has three ‘tents’ erected and one to go. “What am I going to do?” she thought to herself as she crossed the bed to where pretty boy Romeo stood. “You want some of this pussy don’t you?” she asked in her low and seductive voice. “You pretty motha-fucka you. You want to be all up in this just tearing the bottom out huh?” she continued.

“It’s not what I want to do. It’s what I am going to do. And you know you’re going to like it”, he replied. He finished with, “Preacher boy is going to love the show I’m going to put on with you.”

After walking up to Romeo, standing barely an inch in front of his face, she looked down to him. “If you know you can do all of that”, as she started unbuttoning his shirt, “you must be a Mandingo type of man. I like that. I’m going to try to put a hurting on you.”

She got on her hands and kneed and unzipped his pants then drops them straight to the floor. She then turns around while still on her knees, wraps her legs around his waist and pulls him in close. She starts grinding herself against him. “I like it just like this, just so you know” she said will looking back over her shoulder at him. She saw his eyes get big. She also felt him growing with in his boxers. As soon as she could tell he was fully erect she stood in the center of the bed, looked at me and saluted, “Mission complete sir!”

I walked back in to the room and looked around. “Good job. You will now be referred to as cadet.” I said. “Cadet, sit here. I pointed to the chair that was adjacent to the bed. Line up boys, lets see if she’s ready to earn some stripes! Better yet, make two lines!”

They lined up in two lines of two on either side of her. All there ‘tents’ peeked her direction.

My next order was for them to drop trout. Now all there bare weapons pointed towards their target… HER!

Speaking to her I said, “Now if you want these men’s respect, you need to know how to keep their ‘MORAL UP’! You know what to do. Keep them motivated so they will work hard for you!”

Like an eager dog to please the master, she pulled them all close. So close she could see eye to eye with each one of the four men that stood in front of her. She grabbed to of the pulsating dicks in her hand and shoved one in her mouth. She greeted it with an “Mmmmmm” as the tip of his head kissed her lips.

Preacher Man’s head cocked back as she inserted him to the back her throat. He started breathing heavier with each of her strokes, but just as is started feeling really good she pulled it out and moved to Romeo’s lollypop of lure.

First she licked the tip and traced it with her tongue. Turning her head slightly sideways she massaged the shaft with her lips. As she slowly came back to the front she flipped her head to the other side. She could feel that he would have loved to release all over her right then and there. But she wouldn’t let that happen. She was determined to make sure he knew that he was going to take his time to enjoy this.

After keeping Romeo on edge for a while she lifted Chocolate Chip’s dick over her nose, extended her tongue and licked from the bottom of his creamed filled sack, up his pole and when she reached the end she inserted all the way in her mouth until her lips met the his base.

The whole time she was stroking Alpha making sure he was getting attention. She was excited about giving each and everyone her personal attention. She took Alpha’s rock hard cock and smacked it against her cheek. “You like this boys, don’t you?” looking up to make eye contact with the group to which all moaned a uh-huh.

“CADET! You’re on my time and time’s a waistin. Boys, is she worthy and well qualified for rest and relaxation while you do some work for her? Has she earned that right?”

“Yes sir!” was the groups reply.

“Cadet! Disrobe right now! Move it! Move it! On the double!” I barked.

Quickly she stood up and started removing her cloths. She was coming out of them so quickly you would have thought she was trying to rip them off.

“Alpha! On the edge of the bed on your back! Preacher Man! Stand in front of him with a step in between you two! Cadet! Get between them two boys!” I bellowed with a sense of urgency.

My orders were followed to a T. Upon making the formation, I ordered her to straddle Alpha’s and told Preacher to enter through the rear. Slowly she sat on Alpha’s lap, allowing him to enter her clit slowly as he was more than she had expected. All of them were and she had not time to warm up and stretch out her kitty for play time.

Preacher spit in his hand and rubbed is dick down and then spit again and lubed his entry point. But the time she reached bottom of Alpha, she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide open for Preacher. Slowly he entered the forbidden hole. You could tell she was holding her breath because it slightly hurt, but in her excitement, it didn’t matter. She wanted the pleasure of pain and welcomed Preacher to a new ‘home’ to park in.

He knew she wasn’t ready for that because in their endeavors at home, a little more ‘prep’ work was involved so he took it slow. But by the time he was half way in her, she started rocking back and forth, shoving him in deeper.

“Oh DAMN! GAWDDAM!” she started to moan. Her moans started to get louder and louder to she was almost yelling.

I asked, “Is that dick good to you cadet? You know you like it! Tell them how much you like it!”

Between breaths she replied, “I…. Like… This… Dick!! Give it to me! Give it to me good damn it! Fuck me.. Make me a worthy soldier like you! I want to be a soldier too.”

She dug her nails in to the chest of Alpha. “I know you like it now. I’m gonna fuck that pussy. You’re gonna be a soldier if it’s the last thing I do ton….”

“Did I say speak Alpha? HELL NO! Then shut up and fuck that pussy. Take your orders like a good soldier. I will decide if she’s a soldier or not!” I quickly interrupted.

“Romeo, Chocolate Chip, stand on either side of her!” again with my orders. And again they did as I told them. I continued, “Suck those dicks. Don’t loose concentration on the task at hand! I better see 4 orgasms! You’ve got ‘til the time I return! They all better cum all over you. You better be dripping wet when I get back in here! AM I UNDERSTOOD CADET!”

“Yes..ummm {GULP} SIR!” fell from her lips as Chocolate Chip shoved his pulsating member in and out of her mouth.

I finished with, “And everyone better get more than just a blow job”

With this I did a military about face, stepped off and left the 5 of them fucking in the bed room. I could hear her yelling and screaming. I could hear the men panting. The sound of skin slapping. I could hear one guy start with a loud groan but was cut short like he had no air to finish the sound. I could hear her scream that she’s cumin. Moments later she said she was cumin again. I hear what sounded like Chocolate Chip moan, well maybe not moan because it was at the top of his lungs. Last but not lease I hear her tell Preacher man that he best cum in her ass. About twenty minutes after I left the room, I could tell that the action had slowed down, so it was time for my return.

Standing in this room, everyone was looking at me as in “what has gotten in to this man we all know” but at the same time with a slight bit of excitement in their eyes as well. Staring at me are 4 naked men and one woman.

I entered the room. “Attention!” she says. All five of them jump up from my entrance. “Sir! Mission completed as ordered SIR!” she spoke while saluting me.

I returned her salute and said, “At ease soldiers.” I looked at her. She had their juices dripping from her neck and off one nipple. There was a blob of ooze running off her stomach. Upon further examination, I could even see some running down her leg from the deposit left by Preacher Man.

“Front and center”, I said as I pointed to the space in front of me. As she walked to where I pointed I told her, “On your knees!” to which she kneel down with out question. “Pull my dick out and suck long and hard ‘til I explode all over your face. While she’s doing that, you boys get dressed and get out with the exception of Preacher Man. You will sit there and watch! Everyone else is dismissed”

Even through all the fatigue that showed on his face, he was able to bring a smile on as he grabbed a chair to watch.

Let me tell you, she knew what she was doing as she grabbed my commanding rod with one hand and started stroking. She also inserted the rest in her mouth. Her lips and her hand moving in the opposite direction of each other, meeting in the middle every time. With her other hand, she would fondle my sack. There was going to be nothing that kept her from becoming a soldier in my fuck platoon. The wetness dripped between her lips and her hand sloppily. Everyone could hear her slurping away.

“Look in to her eyes Preacher. Give her the confidence she needs. So she knows she’s doing a good job”, I told Preacher Man.

I grabbed the back of her head and said, “Look how much he likes this.” But at that exact moment, before I could even finish my thought, I felt my stomach tightened and my knees lock. I quickly pulled away from her, grabbed my dick and started beating off right in front of her face.

As that sensation came over me, I took a deep breath and released it with a loud “AUUUUGHHHH!” as I exploded all over her face. She closed her eyes and started to whimper in ecstasy. As the last squirt left me, I had one final order.

“Preacher Man. Get a warm rage and clean this full fledge soldier off so she can take her place in the ranks with in your arms.”

With this I button my fatigues back up, latched my belt, did an about face and exited the room. I met the other three men in the hallway.

I assume that they went to bed and probably had a personal session of love making, but I didn’t ask any questions. Like a good soldier, I came, I had a job to do, and I did it to the best of my abilities with the support of my troops.

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