Let's Play...  

Philosopher50 67M
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8/10/2006 12:44 pm
Let's Play...

You will come to a hotel room as per our agreemnet. Plan on spending 2 hours. You will have bathed, and shaved your pussy. You will wear comfortable clothing: dress, or blouse and skirt, garter-belt, stockings, heels; no other undergarments, no bra, no panties. No jeans or slacks.

You will come to the room, knock, and wait for me admit you. I will open the door, and instruct you to step inside. You may not speak unless spoken to, and then only to acknowledge that you have heard what I have said. I will be giving you a series of instructions that you are expected to follow without hesitation. The proper response is, "I understand."

You will be led to the center of the room. I will instruct you to face me and remove your clothes, placing them on the bed. Once naked, you will be told to slowly turn completely around so that I can look you over. When I am ready you will be directed to turn your back to me, spread your legs to shoulder-width, place your hands on your head, and remain motionless.

I will approach you from behind, and run my hands over your entire body: arms, neck, breasts, belly, back, ass, pussy, legs. Standing behind you, I will reach around, grasp your nipples with my thumbs and forefingers and pull on them, stretching your breasts.

Next, you will be ordered to lie on your back, feet flat on the floor, so that your knees are bent and your heels are close to your ass. I will instruct you to open your legs wide, reach down and spread your pussy lips so that your cunt is fully exposed to my view. When I have had a long look at your sex, you will be told to turn over on your belly, take an ass cheek in each hand, and spread your ass open as wide as possible so that I can get a good look.

After a brief rest, I will blindfold you, order you to kneel on all fours, facing away from me. I will kneel behind you, and once again trace my hands over your body, pinch and stretch your nipples. I will then concentrate on your ass. I will squeeze the flesh of your ass cheeks, pinch them, spread them; run my hand up and down your crack, and tap your anus with a finger. I may insert a fingertip.

Next, I will reach between your legs and stroke your pussy, rub your clitoris, and when you are wet enough, insert my fingers into your cunt. You will then place your face on the floor, and reach back between your knees grasping your ankles with your hands. I will tie your wrists to your ankles with two short lengths of rope.

I will remove my clothes and will kneel behind you.

Your position (head down, hips up) will provide me with a good view of your ass and pussy, and make them readily available to me.

I will insert a variety of dildos and vibrators into your pussy, apply a vibrator to your clitoris, perhaps insert a small butt plug, and tease you repeatedly. You will not be permitted to cum, but rather will have to say “Stop!” when you are close to orgasm. I will stop and wait for you to calm down. This will be repeated for an extended period of time. If you orgasm during any of this, I will stop, amd slap your ass cheeks. We will then start the whole process again.

Eventually you will need to cum. I will insist that you beg. You will have to plead to be fucked, beg for my cock, call yourself “a little whore, a bondage slut, a cock-loving bitch” or any other names that you think will convince me. When you are convincing enough, I will finish you off with a vibrator, roll a condom onto my cock, grab your ass cheeks, and fuck your pussy until I cum.

Once we are both satisfied, I will offer you the chance to “play” again. You will answer, “Thank you. Yes,” or “Thank you. No.” That is all you will be permitted to say.

Finally, I will remove the blindfold, untie you, and watch you to dress, walk you to the door.

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