Why Women Should Join the PFC.  

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6/30/2006 7:02 pm

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Why Women Should Join the PFC.

Say you're a young, attractive, intelligent woman who came to AdultFriendFinder because of an itch you just can't scratch. Maybe you were fed up with the dating games. Or looking for something without commitments. With so many men to choose from, finding an eligible bachelor shouldn't be that hard, right?

Let me tell you the experience of one former AdultFriendFinder member. She is a beautiful twenty-six year old professional. A recent divorcee, she has an amazing figure, long flowing red hair, and an expressive personality. As she described the reason for her split...

"Our main problem was/is, that I want and need and enjoy sex way more than he does. We finally decided to just call it quits instead of trying to prove who is the 'problem.' So... naturally I decide to go out and get the sex I've been wanting for a few years now. I want to have sex, lots of it, and I don't want to have to nag, or plead, or barter to get it. And I don't want to be made to feel like I'm over-sexed or something's wrong with me if I want to play with toys, or food, or role-playing..."

You'd think that such an attractive and assertive woman would have no problems finding a man.

"But all dating got me were more men like the one I married... unimaginative partners who think I should be grateful if I have their tongue between my legs. So a friend told me about AdultFriendFinder and how you can tell exactly what you're looking for and that way just bypass the games.

"So I did the profile, I got more email than I could reply to... But they all wanted to brag about how they could lick pussy for hours and hours and hours... It's like the standard first line of an email! Then, I got alot of, 'I'd love to watch you play with your toys.' At first I tried to answer back nicely telling them, thanks but no thanks.

"And that got to be like a job. Then I figured, I'd update the profile to be more exact. Guess that was the wrong thing to do. I've gotten quite a lot of nasty, mean, emails calling me every name you can think of... Telling me in detail how they'd like to tie me up and make me too sore for my toys. It just goes on. I've had maybe four nice emails and you're one of them. So my experience with AdultFriendFinder hasn't been pleasant at all."

While numerous men and women have positive experiencs from AdultFriendFinder, you'd be suprised at how many women have had the exact same problems. Our hope at the PhillyFuckClub is that our female members won't have to go through the same difficulties. We strive to ensure our male members, who may be eager in bed, are absolute gentlemen to our ladies. This is helped by the selection process. All male members will be selected by the female moderating staff and evaluated constantly based on their behavior. One key we look for in our men is trustworthiness, honesty, and consideration. Men that want to please you as much as you want to please them. Even if it's only one night and you never plan to meet again.

The following is taken from a recent Wall Street Journal Article. Anastasia Sidorowich, a 45-year-old member of AdultFriendFinder, said young men, in particular, 'come in and act like it's a sexual fast-food service … They think they can just walk in, and order up the women of their choice at two or three a.m., and say, "Can you pick up a pizza and six-pack of beer on the way, too?'" Let's be honest, people love the late night booty call. There's a reason men and women came to this website. We want sexual activity along with our dating. But a person shouldn't be treated like a commodity or afterthought.

We strive to make sure you're treated as a person with feelings along with sexual cravings. Our men are picked to be attentive to your wants and needs. Male and female members will strive to earn your trust and recognize you as the sensual woman you are. The great thing about our Fuck Club is that you'll get to experience what different men have to offer, experiment with like minded women, yet not be taken for granted. We hope to offer the best the casual sexual lifestyle has to offer.

Our goal is to try to create as safe an enviroment as possible to meet real people for real fucking. A single woman has to make sure her safety is priority number one. It makes sense that AdultFriendFinder would be geared more towards couples. When you have a regular partner you trust, you'll know someone is out there watching out for your well being. Even then, a woman has to keep her guard up, as our former AdultFriendFinder member found out.

"I did go to meet a 'couple.' Figured I'd give it a try... It was to be a, 'meeting in public only,' no sex. Didn't turn out very well. It was in a local diner. The man was there and we waited for like almost an hour for his wife to show. Then he called her or said he did. When he saw I was ready to leave, He said she was at home waiting for us and would meet me there. Long story short... I told him forget about it? I think he lied to me. I don't think he really has a wife."

In the Fuck Club you'll meet men and women who value your presence. You won't just have a partner looking out for you. You'll have a whole group for support and a core of moderators you can rely on. People who can recommend new experiences, new partners in the club, and who will also look out for your well being. There is safety in numbers and yours is paramount.

You fuck who you want, where you want, when you want!

First and foremost, you choose who you date. You have the right to refuse anyone in the club. Once in the club you'll get to see pictures of prospective hook-ups both in casual situations and in the act. You'll be able to ask other members for recommendations and ask about their experiences. One of our guidelines is, you can ask, but they don't have to tell. All encounters are confidential between the members unless they want to talk about it. Experiences shared with moderators are confidential unless a rules violation occurs. Ultimately, you have the final decision and it will always be respected.

Discretion is always a must!

Yes, to be a member, pictures must be taken. We also do want exhibitionists so we can rotate clips and pictures of the latest club escapades to our members and prospective initiates. We also have individual lives. What happens in the club should stay in the club. We will strive to protect your identity. Any breech is grounds for immediate expulsion. Trust needs to be earned by everyone involved.

Our members are clean, respectful, and safe!

All members must be drug and disease free. All members must regularly test themselves for STD's. All members should practice safe sex and birth control. We demand that all members treat each other respecfully as they would want to be treated. The club is about kinky fun. You'll know that the people you're meeting in the club are a safe, fun lot who want to satisfy you.

Shared responsibility!

The women in our club also need to recognize that trust and responsibility goes both ways. You are expected to follow the rules as much as any man. Our male members aren't just meat but individuals with their own wants and needs. Our female members must be sexually active and willing to date our members. Again you always choose who you meet. The word "No" is always respected. But you're also expected to return what the club offers you. Which means enjoying company with a respectable portion of our member base. Also, while teasing is one of the best parts of sexual play, there's a fine line between that and frustration. Women who lead on our members may face expultion. Just like any male member would.

Leave when you want!

All our members can leave whenever they want. It's one of the parts of the lifestyle. It wouldn't be casual if you couldn't decide to walk out. No explanation needed.

If you can abide by the rules, walk the talk, and have tons of fun, the PhillyFuckClub might be the place for you!

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