My Lover describes her secret desire.........  

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6/5/2006 1:35 am

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My Lover describes her secret desire.........

You are in that secret place behind the rocks on your secluded beach, the sun is shining down on your naked body as you listen to the waves washing on the shore, your arms are outstretched and the tips of your fingers play in the soft sand, your eyes are closed against the bright hot rays of the sun, your whole naked body being warmed by its heat. Could things be more perfect???????

Suddenly a shadow blocks the sun from your eyes; you open them to see a silhouette of a beautiful woman above you, the brightness around her blocking out her sensual features. You say “hello” as you shield your eyes, she replies "sssshhhh, just relax” and then she bends over you, a knee on either side of your body, her thighs just touching your body and as you go to open your mouth to say “what are you doing” she places a silk scarf over your eyes and ties it around your head. You struggle to get out from beneath her and as you reach up to push her away she pushes your hands above your head, her breasts are touching your face and you start to gasp as she lowers herself, and smothers your open mouth with her full breasts. Your hands are tied above you and she says "sssshhhh Barbs". How does she know my name? "Just relax" you exclaim “who are you??” Your mind racing and your heart is pounding excitedly, but its not fear that you feel… but the erotic fantasy racing through your excited body,,, "sssshhhh Barbs my luv, I have another scarf that I could gag you with if you are not a good girl, do you want me to gag you?” “No please don't” you beg in a low voice. She places a finger to your mouth and says "sssshhhh, behave yourself, don't say another word, mmmmm, enjoy, just relax and feel”. You nod your head, your mind is racing “what am I doing…. who is this….. Why am I letting her do this…… am I dreaming….. Your mind is dragged back as the finger is replaced by her lips, you kiss her back. Her lips are so soft and kind, the sort that you just love to kiss……. But why are you doing this…. have you gone mad!!!! Then she is kissing your neck, the wet lips tracing the outline down to your shoulder, then up your arm. As her body hovers above you, you take a deep breath, filling your lungs with her sweet perfume, she kisses you down your other arm and back to your neck and around to your chin and from your lips to your nose and forehead, soft little kisses that are sending little tingles of excitement through your body. Her kisses are now on your chest, moving between your cute firm breasts. You roll a little wanting her kiss your breast, but she moves with you and then holds your shoulders down with sensual firm hands. Your mind is saying why are you letting this happen and your body is saying mmmmm…….mmmmm I want more so much more,

Those wet kisses are on your tight tummy now, all over you, up to your neck and back down again. You gasp as she kisses from one hip to the other, just above your pubic mound and then down, lower, oh so close, the lips have moved. Teasingly the kisses are moving down your thigh, at the side, then the top to the knee, then to the other thigh,,,, you cant help it as your legs start to move apart, inviting….willing those lips to kiss the soft sensitive skin of your inner thigh……..But they don't, continue teasing, you feel those wet lips and hot breath on your tummy again and up between your breasts, over your throat and to your lips. Your mouth falls open as her tongue licks along your lips, ever so gently almost tickling and as her tongue tickles yours, you sigh and she kisses you full on in a passionate kiss that makes your whole body react, you lift your head to kiss her deeper but she has gone………

Her lips touch your hard nipple and you moan as they close around it and gently suck that hard nipple between the hot wet lips. Mmmmm as she flicks her tongue over the tip while squeezing your breasts with both hands. You’re laying there with your head swaying from side to side moaning loudly as her wet lips tease your nipples. Then they are moving down again, and as her body moves between your knees you open yourself fully to her, parting your legs as wide as you can and raising your hips, exposing a hot, wet pink vagina. She reaches beneath you and squeezes your butt cheeks. You can feel her hot breath on your wet vagina lips. “Oh please” you implore. She asks "what do you want?” “Please lick me, please lick hard” "Please what, Barbs?" “Please my darling - lick me“. You now want her so much. She says "ok my sweet hunny". Her tongue touches your vagina lips, you gasp as the tongue parts them and she is tasting your sweet juices. That eager tongue slowly moves up and down, so slow, teasing, you rock your hips wanting more. Her tongue pushes in a little deeper and moves faster, still slow but now moving further up and down, you squirm as the tip touches on your clit and she gives it a little flick before moving back down to the wet opening to your dripping vagina, and then…….aaaaaaahh the feeling as her tongue pushes inside you, her nose rubbing on your clit. You want to reach down and push her head harder into you, but you know you mustn't, her tongue is driving you wild as it darts over your clit, her hands pulling your ass apart and her nails digging into the soft flesh of your ass cheeks, her tongue moving in long strokes from your clit to your ass as you writhe and want her to move even lower. Moaning ever so loudly as your body aches with the wanes of erotic sensations.

She rolls you over and spreads your knees and the hot breath then her warm lips caress your ass cheeks, she pulls them apart and thrusts that tongue onto your tight ass and then into your boiling pussy. Then she licks up and down over your clit with a couple of flicks and to your ass ,,,you plead, “please baby...lick me… harder”. She slaps your ass and says "shhhhhhh" as she gently slaps you again; her tongue flicks your clit and keeps on flicking it and sucking on it driving it wild. She wets her finger and slowly slips in your ass, your moans are getting louder as her finger slides in and out your ass and your swollen clit is throbbing. She orders you to cum for her and starts to rub your clit hard with her thumb, "cum for me Barbs cum now babe” and she gently slaps your ass again and again, you start to buck against that finger in your ass and the thumb on your clit and her mouth sucking on your vagina….. You scream “OOOOHHHH babbieee” as the orgasms races through you, you want to open your eyes but the silk scarf still keeps in erotic darkness??????????????

Your breathing is so fast and your heart is pounding, you’re on all fours and so confused, the orgasm fades away and then you feel i…….the feel of a warm wet slurpy passionate kiss full in your mouth,,,,you spin over and pull the blindfold from your eyes and you see her……………………..

A gorgeous, honey skin Indian is kneeling at your feet, her beautiful face covered with your juices, and she smiles, winks and says "Hi Barbs, I'm Cheryl, nice to finally meet you"

ChitsRheinPlums 49M

6/5/2006 4:44 pm

It is awesome ,excellent ,Good exciting ,i'fe no more words !!!!!

leegs55 56M

6/27/2006 3:31 pm

wow..ahhhh yesssssss!! great read!!

HotRodnWetClit 52M/47F
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9/17/2006 5:17 am

Baby......that was soooo nice of you........I luv you.

tategoichagoi 46M

5/26/2008 3:31 am


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