My Knight and Night!  

My Knight and Night!

Went to a Charity event last night and "J" came as my chaperone/date/paid escort/lover.....whatever you choose to call him. I felt like Cinderella all dressed up and he certainly looked like "my" Prince Charming. We seem to be a good match, mentally and physically, and he also fits into any social situation quite easily. This was my event, my comfort zone.....but "J" does not retreat nor act uncomfortable. I fear someday I will wake up and he will tell me he is on to the next. Does not seem the type though and he is instructing me in the ways of BARTERING! No games here, just good times. We have an "arrangement." So far it works well.

We both are unsure as to the "after party" that we
both crave. Turns out he has already checked ahead for "room availability," (one thing I really like about him is his ability to plan and plan well). Soon we will have to buy this little Inn as I am sure by now, we have paid the monthly electric bill, at least! Or possibly join their frequent fucker program. No toys this time as my small evening purse would not accomodate my new gift.

The sex, as always, seems to get better, hotter, stronger. What a perfect evening. He REFUSES to let me nap for long afterwards as we have to get home.

As always, Thank you.

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