things i have noticed  

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8/9/2006 7:57 pm

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things i have noticed

ok so we are a friendly couple in a polyamorous relationship. We are open and honest and been into the lifestyle for a while. In fact we at first thought we were a small percentage of the populace but have found that this is not exactly true. it seems that swinging and i hate that term is far more popular than i suspected. And what intrigues me the most is that is becoming more open. We have never shied away from our lifestyle. And it seems we are meeting other people that dont either. Another thing I have noticed is the growing amount of family people into the lifestyle. Married couples with children. After our first forays into AdultFriendFinder we both thought that only single guys trolled the site and hit on everything that posted a profile. Now we are seeing more like minded, down to earth couples that just like a little fun after hours. Sure the "OMG! you are hot! wanna cyber?" people are still there but hey, they are easily ignored. I have really enjoyed chatting with mature couples who are looking for friends with possible benefits. Ok enough rambling out of me. Not even sure why I started writing here in the first place. LOL

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