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6/17/2006 4:00 am

It's early morning and I am yup with the sun. This is not an unusal thing for me, but this day has to be a long one. This will be the last ride I have with a very special group of friends. There is not one person with in the group that I do not consider a friend. I never truely understood the bonding and kinship that occurs amongst a group of bikers. I regret leaving, this is our third ride, and it gets bigger each time we have one.

Our first ride was comprised of seven bikes. Damn that was one cold ride that day. Our second ride, we doubled in numbers to 14 bikes and one mini van. This ride we are looking at anywhere from 11-15 bikes, and several 4 wheelers tagging along.

I think I will miss making up the routes that we travel. I have done it for the last two rides. It always gave me a great excuse to go and explore routes I've never taken. I just wonder if the AdultFriendFinder groups in Alabama, would be receptive to this type of activity.

Well I'll let everyone know how the ride goes in my next post.

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