Her First Time.  

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6/5/2006 3:18 pm
Her First Time.

The day could not have started any more perfect than if I were in a dream. The sky was illuminated a bright blue as if a giant neon tube had been laced across the horizon. High light and feathery cirrus clouds stretched as far as the eye could see. It was late spring when the flowers begin to bloom and the days become longer. Aromatic honeysuckle and lilac linger on the gentle breeze, just as the perfume of a lovely lady swims amongst her breasts. I stood talking with friends over cold sweating beers, when I caught a glimpse of her standing off to the side. She appeared as a goddess from Olympus over seeing the simpletons in her domain. Eagerly watching and studying the subjects in front of her. She kept her distance, as if waiting for the lab experiment to explode without warning. She slowly eased her way closer into view, but never taking her eyes off the objects of her desire.

As she approached the gentle breeze rippled her hair, as the lazy waves slowly caress the top of a pond. Glints of sunlight frequently caught her eye causing her to blink rapidly. I ogled her from the short distance now between us. She did not feel my eyes as they made their way from her head to toe. Her eyes were a deep hazel brown with glittering specks of green. Her complexion was perfect and not an ounce of makeup could be detected. Her lips were so voluptuously curved that they flowed across her face in perfect symmetry and they seemed to glisten against the afternoon sun and the rising heat. This young lady wore a tight knit top that clung to her like saran wrap. Her shirt could not intimidate her breasts, which were firm and round. Her nipples slightly protruding out from the center of a pair of bulbous aureoles. Her jeans, a soft faded denim appeared to be painted on her.

I reached down and pulled another cold brew out of frigid ice water and headed over to the studious girl. As I approached her it must have startled her because, she ever so slightly jumped and looked at me wide eyed, like a deer in the head lights. After a brief second, she seemed to return to herself and smiled. I offered her the cold beer and we started to talk. Our conversation was pleasant and casual. We talked as if we were old friends not having seen each other in years. As we sat in the shade of an overhang from a nearby building, we began to develop a friendship quickly. Our likes and dislike were quiet similar, as if we were twins from birth. I discovered that I was fifteen years her senior, but we connected on the same mental level. Time seemed to pass to quickly when I knew I had to make my move or this special moment in time would be lost.

I held out my hand to her, she looked up as if questioning the gesture but gently and firmly took my hand. I pulled in close to me and asked her if she had ever done this before. She stepped back, eyes widened in a state of fear and excitement at the same time. All she could do is smile and shake her head, no. I told her that it was a perfect day and that this would make it even more enjoyable. She looked at me doubtfully, yet there was the seduction in those hazel eyes. I reassured her that I was experienced and that I would take it slow and easy. I could notice the nervousness begin to slowly ascend on her as goose flesh began to appear on such a warm day. At the same time I could feel the excitement and anticipation oozing out of her. This is when I knew we would both have what we each were desiring.

I went first, I held out my hand and that was all it took as she followed my moves. There was a thunder of roaring pleasure that grew between our loins. Instinctively she snuggled in close to me. I could feel her nipples had hardened to blunt points as she pulled in tight to me. I felt the strength of her thighs as her legs closed along mine, as if a vice in a machine shop. I could feel how nervous she was, so I slowly eased it in and we began to move. As we started moving she held on even tighter, pulling in close as if she wanted to stop the motion. As we moved faster I knew she could feel the vibrations of my machine between her legs. I took a quick glance at her and seen the nervousness turning into pure pleasure. Her legs finally loosened as we proceed to a comfortable speed that was combined with a passion and rhythm, as only my machine can produce. I could feel her breasts heaving against me as she continued to hold me tightly to her. Her breathing was rapid and controlled all at the same time. Finally she found my ear and loudly whispered faster! This was her first time. What was it?

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