Doing something different  

PepsDick 54M/38F
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6/24/2006 4:42 am
Doing something different

So I have taken to putting siding up on houses to make a few extra bucks, since I have no job. The strange thing is I really am beginning to enjoy this. Oh yes, I am aching from using muscles that have laid dormant for so many years of sitting behind a desk. But they will heal and eventually stop aching.

Being outside all day is another great feeling I forgot about. Last time I had actually done that was while I was in the Army, some thirteen years ago. God, has it really been that long ago? I can say this, that sun is one hot mother fucker, especially up on a roof. That is where I spent most of my day yesterday. The Sun also equals sunburn. My somewhat bald head is screaming today from being exposed to the sun. The nape of my neck is on fire along with the calfs of my legs. This too in time will heal and I will become this nice reddish tan color.

I started doing this on Tuesday. Spent most of that day watching and trying to learn a little. by Friday, I was speeding up and lay up siding and fully amazing my self. It felt good to walk away friday and see some of the finished work. Accomplishment, what a good feeling. I needed something like this. It is therapuetic and bringing me out of my deep funk. Looking forward to another two weeks of work, great feeling again.

Thanks Tom and Cyndi

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