One forever  

Ped0377 40M
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3/27/2006 9:53 pm
One forever

Tomorrow is my last day with friends and family. Then its to Miami to start packing and then to Tampa. It really sucks to leave perfectly good relationships behind. I had no enemies in DC. I had so many friends. I even had a steady girl that loved me. Then I had to leave it and go to Miami. I was told I would be there for 3 years. And so I start to make roots. meet good people and make good friends. Even start dating a model who is getting cast for a movie tomorrow at 2pm. Good luck Tina if you read this before hand.

I have to leave them in 2 months instead of three years because the project financing fell through. Now its Tampa. At least the financing is in place. so I know I will be there for the full two year length of the project. But then what will happen then. I will have to move. Could I find a job there that will be stable. Can I ever grow roots.

lol. Every guy wants to be a gypsy, have no roots and no ties to the ground and roam around having fun. I did too. After 12 countries and 10 years of traveling and being a gypsy I can tell you nothing beats a home to goto and nothing is worst than not having a home. I swear Tampa will be my last move. It has to be. I am tired of starting over. Is it a wonder why I am on AdultFriendFinder instead of on a site that is used to build forever type of relationships. Because I know better by now.

All my friends are still loyal to me. They all write me from every place I have been. They visit when they can. They send pictures of their weddings. It drives me crazy. They don't realize they are only making it harder to leave. I need one forever in my life. someone that will see me long enough to know me.

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