Hafiz ( my favorite poet)  

Ped0377 41M
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3/24/2006 10:59 am
Hafiz ( my favorite poet)

The dust of my body is the veil of the beloveds face; O happy that moment when from off this face, the veil I cast!

Not fit for a sweet singer like me, is the cage like this; To Rizvan's rose bed I go; for the bird of that sward I am.

Manifest, it is not-wherefore I have come; where, I have been:
Regret and sorrow that of my own work, careless I am.

In the expanse of the holy world, my circuit how may I make?
When in the mixed abode, plank-bound to a dusty body, I am.

Come; and from before him, the existence of Hafiz take up:
For thy existence none heareth from me that I am.

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