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5/12/2006 5:42 am

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Woohoo I got my first real tip tonight!

And no, not from the lady in the last post lol.

Noone ever really gives tips at the restaurant unless the customer just says to keep the change.

But tonight I had a couple in and the man had a voucher which could only be used in the other bar. So instead of saying he can't use it I said if he wanted I could go get his drinks from the other bar but he would have to give me the money first.

So I did that for him and he gave me some of his change as a tip

I think next time I go to a restaurant I will leave a tip if the waiter/waitress is really nice. Because even if its just a small tip it still makes me really happy for the rest of the night!

Oh and it was the bitchy supervisor I wrote about in a previous post who was working at the bar and she was being so nice to me for some reason lol. I had to go there again to get another drink and she said I could only have it if I gave her my biggest smile lol. She was being so different and happy all nice hehe.

Some of the other waitresses have said she has power trips all the time when she is supervisor so I guess that was why she has been rude to me sometimes!

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5/12/2006 12:49 pm

When I was in Amedica, I always give 15-20% of tips when they are doing their job the way they should, courteous and nice to me. If they are fucking rude and lazy, they can go fuck themselves and I will never eat there anymore

velvethandsNZ 69M

5/14/2006 1:42 pm

An interesting topic tips!

In North America tipping is vital for the staff to live on - they get paid very little wage and make good money by earning tips. If the service is terrible people tend to recognise this by leaving a very small tip (I once left 10 cents) and exceptional service means a big tip, but in 'normal' service, for the type of place you are in, there is a simple rule about tipping - double the tax and you can't go wrong!

In Europe, tipping is not the 'rule' but is common. I generally found 10% to be regarded as a great tip.

When I came to live in NZ the tipping thing amazed me. My first experience in a restuarant with friends I was SHOCKED when one of the friends picked up the $20 I had left on the table and put it in my shirt pocket with the comment "we never tip here in Wellington and if you start doing it they'll start to expect it!" I have gone back to the European approach - wait staff get minimal wages, as I'm sure you do, and if they can delight me with their service I will delight them with my appreciation - ask the youn lady who served me on Saturday night and got a big tip to go with the fact that she was always cheerful and NOTHING was too much trouble!

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