Peche85 32F
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3/30/2006 2:26 am

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4/3/2006 2:15 pm


Who wants to be my date for our party on Saturday night?

rm_MrHorny696 37M
29 posts
3/30/2006 3:45 am

you know i would be keen... where is it??

velvethandsNZ 69M

3/30/2006 12:02 pm

I would love to be your date, but somehow I think I'd be out of place!

Have a wonderful time

NiceGuyMush 48M

3/30/2006 1:04 pm


Don't be put off by Velvet - he is a good dude - hell even humble enough to know that he looks a bit too much like the badger (sorry dude but I had to say it) for a young'n such as yourself.

Me thinks at 37, I'm probably past it for you, but of your keen I am. Keep blogg'n kid, you are growing inside with every one!


ranger69692000 56M
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3/30/2006 2:22 pm

hi peche, sat is fine with me ...start off with dinner and a glass of wine finish with my full body massage,..takes an hour, youll love it!.
Bruses are caused by lack of vitamins b and c, there is a really good tablet available at chemist berry flavoured that you suck, cant remember the name but ill find out. Eat more fruit and watch you drink the right amount of fluids, especially since your doing the gym thing, too much fluid can cause the capillaries to rupture hench the brusis, a good massage will make them go.

rm_NZpegasus 52M
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4/1/2006 8:56 pm

its sunday how was the party?

sassybelle21 34F  
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4/2/2006 5:48 am

Can your blog sister be your girlie date? I want to have fun too you know?

Scottishstud80 37M

4/3/2006 6:11 am

I'd have happily joined you! However, I'm probably a bit too far away for you. If you happen to find yourself near Glasgow I'm sure I could keep you entertained!

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