No more classes for Semester A! :-)  

Peche85 32F
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5/31/2006 8:24 pm
No more classes for Semester A! :-)

Today I got a message on my phone from the husband of the woman who owns our house. To us, they are just the owners and the real estate agent is our landlord.

About two months ago the landlord left a message saying that the owners wanted to waterblast the roof of the house so they could get it painted. And that they would do it in the next two weeks. They never came and we didn't hear anything else about it. Until today.

The message was saying that they would need to get into the house in the next day or two so they could plug in the waterblaster and could I call him back.

I thought that the owner wasn't supposed to contact us in anyway since they have a real estate agent acting on their behalf. And we don't want to have 3 people to answer to. So I was pissed of that she had given them my number without asking me first.

Then I was pissed off that after all this time they thought it would be alright to just come and do it whenever they felt like it.

And of course it is right when I have all my assignments to do and the others have exams. It wouldn't exactly be easy to concentrate with someone waterblasting the roof.

I have emailed the landlord telling her we didn't want them to do it right now and that SHE had to give us 48 hours notice, not the owner. And pointed out that he shouldn't even have my number, even if it was more convenient that way.

Havn't heard anything back from her or the owner yet. But I am not gonna be happy if they say they HAVE to do it now after telling us they would do it 2 months ago!

Doesn't help that I'm stressed from assignments and anything could piss me off right now lol.

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