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Peche85 32F
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4/12/2006 9:07 pm

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4/18/2006 2:58 am

New Pic

I put a new photo up of me in my new clothes Its only from my phone so not very good quality. And you'll just have to ignore the mess in the background lol

rm_1reddrik 45M
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4/13/2006 5:52 pm

Wow you gal are really a tempterous.... i am in KL for a few Days ... hope to meet you up for a swing .. it can be lonely alone in abig city.... lets have some fun together waking up in the morning alone makes my dildlo swollen like hell... drop me a mail i am near medan mara - jln raja laut...
Cheers happy holiday...
Ps: Male malay average dildlo... why not?

sassybelle21 34F  
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4/13/2006 6:21 pm

I can't see the shoes

NiceGuyMush 48M

4/14/2006 2:36 am

Neither can I - What colour are they?

velvethandsNZ 69M

4/14/2006 5:04 am

I thought the shoes look great!

Sheesh - a site like this and people with no imagination!

You rock gurl - now just a little closer next time so we can see the twinkle in the eyes!

bigknob1958 54M

4/15/2006 6:00 am

visit my blog and vote in the 'get purry nude campaign'...if we get 100 comments purry will strip naked...get your friends to do the same ,,,thank you.

sassybelle21 34F  
13313 posts
4/17/2006 7:28 pm

I am back Peche *does the happy dance*

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