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3/13/2006 9:38 pm

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Turns out we don't have to look for new flatmates anymore...

We got home today and there was a car in the drive way, which the female (we'll call her Jane) was sitting in with another lady and she looked really upset and angry.

About 30mins later when we were about to leave, she came into the house and asked to talk to us and she was trying so hard not to cry (sad seing a 35-40 year old almost in tears) and told us that she didn't want to move out and she had no idea what her partner (we'll call him John) had been saying to us.

At about 5am T got woken up by Jane and John havig a huuuuuge argument which went on for over half an hour, with Jane yelling and John and saying "fuck you..." "you fucken bastard" etc.

So apparently Jane had been giving John the rent in cash to give to us out of her pay and he either gave us a little bit of it and spent the rest or spent the whole lot!

He went to see her at work last night and told her "the girls don't want us living there anymore" and she asked "why what did you say to them" and he said "oh i told them I thought you had spoken to them last night". They had been away for the weekend so he knew she hadn't talked to us! Then he told her he had said they were moving out!

Needless to say, she was furious at him because she loves living here and told him that she was staying but he could go if he wants.

Next time we see him we are going to say Jane can stay here but you have to leave, you've lied to us and spent our money and you're a bastard and we don't want you hear.

Plus all he does is sleep all day and doesn't go to work!

A few days ago I got woken up by someone banging on the door and I just lay there waiting for someone else to answer it (its never for me lol) but noone did.

Then the guy at the door started banging really hard, and ringing the bell hard out then started going round the house knocking on all the windows.

I thought I was home alone so I stayed in my room thinking 'Omigod what the fuck is he doing' and peeked out the curtain and just saw some guy with a cap going back to the front door. He banged somemore then came to my window and started banging on it and yelled "OI"

He then went round the side of the house (where the door to the couple's room is) and I heard some yelling and the guy say "go back to sleep then" and he left.

Turns out it was John's boss trying to make him go to work! He got fired, dunno if he ever actually worked there or not.

He hasn't been back home today so hopefully he will stay away for the rest of the night and next time we see him we will tell him to fuck off.

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3/14/2006 4:53 am

Your flatmate got nasty boyfriend Poor lady. The money she earned for rent is all gone because of that bastard. Sucks.

velvethandsNZ 69M

3/14/2006 12:36 pm

If I were you, I'd issue him with a notice to quit (you just write him a letter, and a trespass notice!
You can get a form from the police station or post office, you just fill it in, give it to him (you can 'deliver' it through the door to their room) and then take one of the copies to the police station and they put it on file.
You should give him time (like two days or 48 hours) to clear out, and data the trespass notice for the end of the notice period. Then, if he comes back you just call the police, quote the notice reference, and they will come and get rid of him for you!
THat way he'll never be a bother again.

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