Captain's Blog - Entry for March 21, 2006  

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Captain's Blog - Entry for March 21, 2006

At 7am...WOW what a sail yacht. Dave and the guy that came out to fixs the electric this morning. Well he did we thought ... I found a great place to drop my anchor and I went to turn on my generator and nothing.. Ha!

This Cat fixed everything but forgot to hook back up the generator.... I got down in the engine and try to jump start it.. no luck...

I called out someone and they are on there way..... This is crazy..... it's one simple wire but the wires are not color coded right and I don't have a tester on me..

NOTE to self..... BuY ONE

So now I'm waiting to see if this cat can fix it..... I'm not much of a girl that likes a lot of people on my boat that I don't know so this is starting to piss me the fuck off..

When this boat is up... I'm taking 5 days off from life ...END OF STORY Let's put it this way... If you can find me then I'll go back to work.. If not suxs to be you....


3:05 The man just left and I sometimes think god watches over me so much... He cracked open my engine compartment and was asking about the port 318... I told him I was here to put another one in....

This man has 2-318 engines and under bidded the one that I was going to get from the ther guy.. I'm like SOLD So I got it for 800.00 instead of the 1,260 that I was going to pay...

So we made another agreement that he will also put the engine in for me..... This is a big company and has a great name in town.. So this boat will be kicking with twin screws soooooooooooooon

When Dave came this morning with the guy to look at the lights.. He let me use his car to restock some of the things I needed for the boat... I just could not pass up this roast... I have been eating can meats for so long other then when vinny took me to dinner.

So I'm like so munching out right now... and on that note.. I'm a damn good cook.. But what Nawlins girl is not?

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