Captain's Blog - Entry for March 19, 2006  

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3/24/2006 6:28 am

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Captain's Blog - Entry for March 19, 2006

:54pm .....Not a good day... Dave and I worked on the engine... Dave didn't realize that he knocked all the lights out in the boat running lights, Nav lights, Blige,and all lights inside and water pump... I was almost hit my a tri cat...... I have towboat us coming out at midnight to try and get these lights going.. before I get hit by a cruse ship... I'm right in the path and I can' move the boat with out any running light...

I have decided to move the boat until the engine is ready to be put in.... There is no anchorage here and I can not take a chance with this girl getting T-boned by a ship..... and that is what almost happened tonight...

1:38am The flash light was using as a nav light is down batteries all drain.. Now I'm a sitting duck.. Ya now sometime it suxs to be me.. and this is one of those times

The pix of the yacht went around me because he saw me during the day... I'm just hoping that big girl remember I'm still here even without my nav light... LOL Let's all pray she does

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