Captain's Blog - Entry for March 17th, 2006  

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Captain's Blog - Entry for March 17th, 2006

It's been a few days since I had a chance to sit down and write in my blog..... The trip went well and my boat is getting ready to get her rebuilt engine in her... The only thing I'm waiting for is for it to be brought here... and that girl is one her way

I've been so busy having a great time with Vince & Bruce.... They have show me around town... I met so really kewl friends of theirs...

But i think from the trip and being ship wrecked has caught up with me, being injured trying to takae care and fix this boat at sea and then the trip up north.. Altogether I'm so wiped me out I seem not to be able to get top of my game... I been sleep like 14 hours a day off and on but I feel I never get any rest...

Yesterday Vince and I moved the boat to her new home... It's nice to know I have someone on the boat that is also a captain and other than Dave.

2.32... Just got off the phone with Doc Ginsberg again.... At first he wanted me to come back to the keys.. He has me go to wal-greens to have my heart rate check to see if I would be up for the drive back to the keys... It was at 122BPM... Doc grounded me from driving my boat and car.... He has decided to sedated me for the next 1o day to protect my heart...

Went back to the dock that Vinny got me and after the valuim wore off my heart rate shot back up again... I had no choice to get back to the city dock.. As soon as I got here my heart was running crazy for no reason..

I couldn't dock the boat.. he dock Master told me just aim for the slip and they will catch the boat.. EMT were waiting for me... in 5 mins my heart rate went from 150,127,111,152...and my blood pressure was high... They said they has to put me in the hospital... Ha! they don't know me.. I don't leave my vessel for nothing....other than in a body bag....

I know me and I know my heart.. I just need to pull off from land... in the gulf I will be fine.. No one can pull at me or find me or even contact me... Then it goes back to the only 2 problems I have to worry about..

1. feeding myself

2. Keep this boat afloat

and that I have mastered being ship wrecked for 16 days...

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