Captain's Blog - Entry for March 06, 2006  

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3/24/2006 6:13 am
Captain's Blog - Entry for March 06, 2006

They didn't come last night to lift my anchors for me.. With my hand I can't drive the boat and lift 2 anchors that are laid out in a V.. So I need a linesmen... and he is fucking late..

My computer battery power up some.. my it saying low battery.. So I know it will not hold up for long

Ok I guess I can drive the boat and dock her and put her in her slip by myself.... The guys was on a resuce. So i had nothing better to do without.. Electric.. phone and computer then to pull in the lines and anchor in.... I forgot how damn good I was docking with one engine... I saw a guy on the dock I ask after I spin her bow around would you grab a rope for me?

I spun her around and laid her side so soft on the dock.. That this guy is a Charter boat Captain and he wanted to hire me for fishing Charters.. To fucking funny...... I told him I was moving up the coast thanks but no thanks.. Only if this guy knew what I have been through

1:02pm I had to put my boat in a slip for a few days the generator impeller went out when I grounded my girl... Not a big thing it's just a little black rubber fly wheel.. But we live in the keys ... and everything has to come from the mainland... So it will be here tomorrow..... All i know for sure is that the generator will be up and running tomorrow and I'll be out this slip...

Captain Rhett jumped on board to be my linesmen... He is a captain and he doesn't want to dock her in her in this slip with one engline... LOL .. This boy could not believe I have been running this big girl all by myself..... This but can be handled by one person.. But one little mess up can snowball into something big.. it is always better and much safer with 2 people if the Captain pilots from a fly bridge there should be a lines men down below for all docking.. End of Story

I'm in between 2 house boats.. ....LOL I feel like I'm living in a damn condo and not a yacht. But I have electric and that is the main thing... Can't be on the hook without it.. or shall we say.. I will not be on the hook with out it for long I rather the engine go out instead of the generator... Think about it guys... What powers my blower dryer?

Oh my God I just had a thought... I can have food brought to my slip... Be right back

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