Captain's Blog - Entry for March 02, 2006  

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3/24/2006 5:44 am
Captain's Blog - Entry for March 02, 2006

I haven't been writing too much in the last few days. When Chuck got me tied to the mooring line. I crashed for 2 days just trying to heal myself. I knew I hurt myself but I didn't realize how bad until the next morning... I felt like I was hit by a freaking truck... My legs, hand and back is bruised bad I hate bruises on women.. I think is very unlady like..

I stayed on the mooring line for 2 days on the second day I cleaned out my engine's and intake. Now my girl is running great... As soon as I saw her stop smoking I was out of there.. that is so like the last place I wanted to be. I just went there because it's a hurrican haven. That's a fucking joke. There is so many sunking boats there.. Not a good boating place and I find it very shallow there too.

Matter of fact I now truly believe that it just might have been a good thing that I went into the mangoves because there is a sunking boat that it's windshield sticks out of the water by 3 inches... and it was on the way to the mooring line.. So I know for sure I would have went over it and slices the bottom of my boat.

When Chuck was pulling my boat I saw that Chuck knew of it and went around it. That was the first time I saw that boat before. Mangrove Marina should really have that cleaned up.... Come to think of it that's the only marina I still boats laying all around from the hurricane. I know of 4 boats there and 2 are sunk and will do massive damage with the draft of my boat.

I have so much enjoy living on the hook.. I moved my boat to the bay and anchor her right in the middle of it.. I'm finding it hard to run this boat now with one hand. But it is like the kewlest spot I have found ... In the morning I watch the guys pulling up stone crab traps in the trawler. Is a very large bay so I see sail boats with their sails up just gliding by.. A sail boat with her sails up is such a wonderful thing to watch... and a lot of yachts which shocked me... I thought I was the only crazy chick running around the flats in a 30 yacht.. Ha.. Now I know there are many of us fools out in the world.

But that is why I'm moving my boat out of the keys... It too much a pain in the ass.. JC and I went out of the channel by 4-6 ft and it grounded us. The next morning we were watching trawlers go right by us close and we were grounded.. That too fucking funny... So we waited for high tide and when it came in we were free... But I want to go to deeper waters and away from the keys.... And don't want Dennis around me I truly think he has a ugly heart and he is no gentlemen... but he is out of my life for good But I thought it was like so fucking funny after all that has happend he has the gull to ask me to take his boat out on it's sea trial... My thoughts on that... He bought the boat he needs to learn to drive it himself. End of Story..

I just looked out the window... What a wonderful sunset.

I so can not believe I was ship wrecked.... But I was not the only one that night. I was talking to seatow on the phone and they told me that they had 18 other too.... That blew my mind... Matter of fact Chuck has a smaller boat in the mangroves too.... What's the fuck is the matter with us islanders? We can run boats all over the keys we just don't know how to stop them.. LOL

But mine wreck was not from lack of skills. I had 2 choices. 1 let the loose boat smash into me or put my boat into the mangroves. So I put my boat in the mangoves.. Which sea tow told me I did the right thing a boat flying at you in 30 knot winds in very rough waters would really fuck up my world.. But I have a lot of clean up and fiber glass repair from the sail boat transom and the mangroves...

I'll start it when my hand and leg is a little better.. All thought it's driving me crazy seeing my boat so dirty and many mangrove marks on the fly bridge.

I can't believe how long I have been on this boat matter of fact I don't remember what date I left. I'm sure it's in my blog somewhere. I just have no desire to go in or deal with people. I'm kind of in my fuck the world mood at this time.. and I'm liking it..

I'm just so looking forward to leaving the keys and being closer to my friends and moving up the coast..... I hate everyday life in the city... But I'm going to live on the hook and I will only be dealing with beachie areas. I'll never will need to go deep in to the city where all the bad stuff takes place...

I found another 318 Merc engine for my port side in Ft. Lauderdale. So that Baby is mine... I been running this boat on 1 engine so now Iwill have my twin 318's back and this boat kicking 100%

But this has made me learn to drive a 30ft boat around the flats and docking her with 1 engine. A good thing to know how.. Because it so fucking hard..

If I had my port engine I could have gotten myself out the other night because backing her up with the port engine would have made her bow pull to the left away from the sail boat's transom. But with only a right engine the bow would have pulled to the right and the transom of the sailboat would have went in my hull of my boat.

I'm out of here .... I'm going to go to bed and watch a movie..... I'm wiped out guys


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