What about skanknicity  

Paxton612 37M
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3/30/2006 3:17 pm
What about skanknicity

One thing that I've always been afraid of in any of my sexual encounters is catching something. Are we supposed to upload a doctoral certification stating that we don't have ooze dripping from our crotches. If this website gets big enough, it's not gonna be "how many people have you slept with", but "how many people have you fucked from AdultFriendFinder", I know I'll be the first to ask cause I know some of these women have something wrong with them. If you've caught something from one of these women, let us know and we'll start a posting page just for the women that are spreading disease. Someone really needs to open an all night clinic so you can stop on the way back from the club and check it out for real. Not just a get down and check it out before you eat it shot. You guys, and girls know what I'm talking about. Give a it a little once over. HAHA

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