First time for everything  

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4/7/2005 9:42 pm

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First time for everything

God, ya know, sleepy and horney are not a good combonation... But, till I find a new friend to play with I guess I'll just be like the flasher who was about to retire and stick it out a little longer...

Another thought is that this is my 4th blog spot, I do something diffrent in each one, but usually have nothing to say. Hell. I should start writing dirty storys again and post them here...

I could tell she was disappointed nothing happened last night other than cuddling. But, still she lay in my arms with the most beautiful smile in the whole world. She woke me up yesterday with her sweet little mouth around my cock. It was time for me to return the favor.
I nuzzled up against her cheek to hear the cutest little groan and she rolled onto her back. I sat up a little to devour the way her naked body looks in the morning. The soft light coming in though the crack in the curtains made her supple skin look ever softer. I started by kissing her neck. Again I hear a happy little groan as a slight smile creeps across her lips. I slowly kiss across her collarbone then down to her nipples. As I take one into my mouth a sharp gasp comes from her. “Good morning.” I say with a smile. She smiles back at me looking down
“Mmmm, good morning to you too.” I continue to lick and suck on her nipple. Each time I suck it in she again gasps. I glide my hand up her side to her other breast where my hand begins to massage it gently. “Get up here.” She says demandingly. I slide my body up hers and let my cock easily side into her dripping pussy. She again lets out a nice gasp and moan as it enters. As I reach her waiting lips I greet them with a passionate kiss. We snuggle as one, kissing and moving our hips gently against each other. She wraps her legs over my back urging me deeper in. I kiss her neck up and down, sucking a little as I go.
"Let me up a little baby. Trust me…” I smile down at her as her legs loosen their grip. I focus my cock on her bright red jewel of a clit. Her hand jets down to grab me.
“Oh god, you remembered.” Her eyes close slightly as my dick’s head moves against her clit and deep into her. Again we move our hips in rhythm to each other as I kiss her neck. “Mmmm! God baby don’t stop.” She lets go of me and I go even deeper inside her. I can feel her tighten then release. Her body goes slightly limp as I slow down and eventually pull out. She moans slightly as I retake my place next to her. She snuggles in close and holds me tight “You didn’t cum did you?” I shake my head.
“It’s ok though baby.” I smile and look into her eyes. Just then I feel her hand gliding down my side. She pushes me onto my back with no resistance. Her fingers glide up and down my chest, then lower and lower till her fingers are playing with the tip of my dick. “Baby? What are you up to?” She wraps her fingers around me and starts to move her hand up and down slowly. My eyes close and my head tips back. She takes the opportunity to bite into my neck and she squeezes tighter.
“Just making sure we’re even baby.” I hear her voice say. Then I feel the nice, warm familiarity of her mouth. I let out a moan as her tongue moves around the top of my dick and she keeps jacking me off. I feel the nice pressure and pleasure of her sucking on me.
“Oh god, mmmm, baby… You keep that up and I’m going to cum. I look down into her deep eyes as she’s enjoying me. She stops sucking for a moment
“That’s the idea silly” and she return her mouth to me. She then takes me wholly into her mouth. My hands rake up back as I think I feel the back of her mouth. She lets out a deep moan. I wonder if she knows how much I love that, so I rake again and again she moans. She takes me out of her mouth and licks up its length gazing into my eyes as she does it. She again wraps her hand around me and begins to move it up and down, but much quicker this time. “Are you going to cum for me?” I close my eyes and my hips begin to move on their own up into her. “Yeah baby, that’s it.” I feel the pressure building inside me as her warm tongue again touches me and the wetness of her mouth engulfs me. I can’t contain the feeling and the pressure releases into her mouth. I feel her bobbing on me sucking ever drop of me into her. Again she lays next to me as I stare dreamily at her.
“We’re not getting out of bed yet are we?” I say in a semi-sarcastic tone. She shakes her head and kisses me, the saltiness of me still slightly on her lips. Again we snuggle into each other and fall back to sleep.

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