Good Morning  

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9/28/2005 11:32 pm

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Good Morning

I just remembered why I love my flat so much.

I just opened my curtains and as I started this posting, the Sun crept from behind the building across the way from me and cast my shadow on the wall. A real sunburst

Oh dear, the clouds just gobbled her up

Anyway, whats the news? A woman I spent one, platonic, night with phoned me yesterday to say she was pregnant and to ask if I had done anything to her whilst she slept. After I stopped laughing, I informed her that if I wanted to or had indeed fucked her, she would know about it for sure. I suppose the full sex she was having with her married boyfriend will have to be blamed for the crisis...

Looks like my russian-interest has taken on board what I said about intermittant and shallow IM-ing. We have spoken on the phone and are going to meet for the first time this evening at the local Brunswick Bowl. I'm so looking forward to a date, where (for my part) sex and/or pairing-up is not a priority. I hope, nevertheless she is as attraktive in the flesh as her photos seem to show

She probed me with questions about whether I preferred to see a woman naked or in lingerie. She was shocked that I feel clothing is irrelevant, because it never stays on when 'that' sort of situation is in the offing. Then she extolled the qualities of high-heels and make-up being the pinacle of feminine attractiveness for men. I replied that a girl with running-shoes and rosy cheeks (FGF*) is the sexiest thing I know, because it is real and tells me a lot of positive things about lifestyle, self-awareness and health. I was told that men who aren't attracted to make-up, high-heels and 'clothing' have a complex about women being attractive. Yeah, whatever....

FGF* = An expression I heard (from a woman) here in Germany, for the healthy-looking rosiness of cheeks. It stands for 'frisch gefickt' - freshly fucked. I can't argue with that

Yesterday I got photos back from the developers, which had my last two trips to the UK on them. I have tried to show one here today. The Husky's name is Nikita and I want to run away with her ;

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