PawPr1nt 52M
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12/6/2005 12:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I've seen enough

As an outsider, I find the Human Race confused and thoroughly deserving of everything that happens to it.

If you wanna leave a message, speak after the full-moon and I'll call you back

demonicsexkitten 43F
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12/6/2005 10:24 pm

Awesome picture.

Though I've not read your blog much, or corresponded with you directly... it's sad to see you go. Your deep love and tenderness for your daughter is so emotionally touching. Good luck to you, and happiness always.


PawPr1nt 52M
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12/7/2005 4:17 am

If you want to know me better, in a more balanced environment google for the site 'AllPoetry' and look for PawPrint

leeleebethkidman 34F

12/10/2005 5:22 am

I have not talked to you in a while....what happened dear? I miss our conversations....Please write me back...I will be more than happy to talk with you..
Lisa Kidman

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