Why is someone screaming in the Green Room?  

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3/24/2006 9:24 am

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Why is someone screaming in the Green Room?

I used to tour with folk-rock bands. I sang, I bashed on guitars, I even fiddled and mandolin-ed. Early on, it dawned on me that something special happened while I was strutting around on stage, getting people excited, illuminated by bright light while an audience leered on from the dark: I became an object of sexual attention.

As I became more confident in this role, I started to have fun with it: wearing my clothes a little tighter, flirting with attentive women in the crowd, playing into the relaxed sexual confidence people expect from performers. The payoff was tremendous: bigger audiences, more media buzz, better bookings.... and the intimate company of some very enthusiastic music lovers.

Ironically, at the time when I started doing shows with my first band, I was still a virgin. Until I started getting up on stage, it had never occurred to me that I had the capacity to seduce, or that I was suitably desirable to be the object of seduction.

I hope you'll visit my blog from time to time. You'll see three sorts of postings:
1. stimulating stories from the past
2. current escapades; and,
3. the wish-world of a libidinous male as it concerns the beautiful women in his circle of contacts.

Not every posting will end in orgasm, nor will I always try to come off as some sort of sexual Svengali. What you'll get is a no-holds-barred glimpse into the sexual past, present, and future of a guy who has had a nice taste of delicious company... and whose appetite still gets the best of him.

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