some old sayings I remembered when I started writing this  

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8/7/2006 8:48 pm some old sayings I remembered when I started writing this

THere are a few old sayings that come to mind as I put this to print. 1)Better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all 2)Becareful what you ask for, you just might get it 3)Once bitten twice shy....Ive been on this site before under another profile, some might be familar with it...similar handle...Over the coarse of time Ive met three women. Two of which, I consider my good friends. We struck up conversations over months of emails and instant messaging. We discussed various issues in life and basically struck up a very close relationship(always good to find people to bounce ideas off of). I have gone out and have had some adventures with them(i.e gone clubbing), had a picnic in park and ate and drank till sunset(then got drove home, because I was to tanked to drive)and had my oldest son drove my friend home. LoL, the wife kinda thought that was a bit over the top, but what the hey. [dark blue]However, the third woman I met, turned out to be quite "Dark". [canadatrucker4u]'s blog inspired me to write this. Our friendship started in the same manner as the first two woman I met, talk, IM. Only this time it progressed into more of a sexual nature..Phone fantasy at first(she had done phone sex for three years and it was quite erotic) came a actual meeting on a nice day, in a park. From there I ended up driving approximately 5 miles with my pants to my knees, through a crowed city while she played with me(passing numerious police officers btw) and eventually we ended up making love(or having sex)depending on whose point of view you choose to look at. Over a series of weeks we kept missing connections(or so it seemed)and various family issues came up. We had two more sexual encounters, but to me it just didnt seem right, both times were in a car and the times I wanted to get a room, something came up. Well as this progressed, I started to question a few things that kinda seemed odd, I was kinda getting annoyed, and each time i would express an idea i would get an answer like...classic passive agressive behavior, your being nasty, things of that nature...Well I should of let it go, because after numerious emails i finally got the true answer i beleive was the answer to the question. The last words that came from her, were on an IM. It was these, after I had been placed on ignore so she couldnt see anything I had been writing. "I told you a long time ago...this was my game..If I liked you...I would use you..If not..I would cut you loose..I cut you loose and now I cut you off...I always have the last word on these things, drives you crazy doesnt it? She told me I was being a prick...and maybe next time things might turn out different." So, what did I learn from this? Well...I guess im actually batting .666 and that would get you to the Hall of Fame. Ive met two very close friends, and one gameplayer...I honestly dont know what to think, accept that everyones situation is so different and that you should listen to your inner voice. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....then it must be a duck? I do (in my opinion)there isnt such a thing as a no strings encounter...there are always some stings when two people invest in developing the trust to even encounter that. SO yeah, thats it in a Nutshell, could I have handled things differently? I suppose, will I from now on...definately...Its all about who ya meet, what ya learn, and if you can look yourself mirror...I just remembered another old saying from a blog I read here 4)"If I did everything right, then Id be a woman". That sure isnt the case...but 2 outta three aint bad.

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