Her beauty is in her . . .  

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2/25/2006 2:07 pm

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Her beauty is in her . . .

When I see a beautiful woman I see:

Her hair.
I love nice hair. Whether it is blond, brown, red, black, curly, straight, long or short there is nothing like good hair to make a woman beautiful. Her hair is usually the first thing I will notice about a woman. It tends to make a strong first impression. Sometimes I find myself becoming a love-struck puppy after meeting a woman with great hair. I do have a soft spot for long, straight hair. For some reason it says to me, "I don't have to work at it, I'm beautiful already." Without curls, sprays or teasing straight hair gives a woman the look of natural beauty. Still, short, well-styled hair has a look of sophistication that is irresistable. I like to see hair that is rich in color, like a copper, and I also like the occasional streaks and highlights. I don't know what it is exactly about hair that I like so much but from what I can tell talking to my guy friends it is vastly underrated.

Her smile.
Aahhh . . . that gorgeous smile. It's like nothing else to have a pretty woman melt me with her smile. It's the whole package too. The lips, the teeth, the dimples -- all of it. A smile can say so much about a person. Does she turn away shyly when she smiles or does she like to share her joy? It shows humor and smarts at the same time. When a woman smiles it says she is comfortable, she is fun, she is having a good time and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. A great smile exudes confidence, which is the sexiest trait of all. A smile is the perfect seduction.

Her eyes.
Maybe it's the mascarra and eye-liner, but a woman's eyes are magical. Just like the hair, it doesn't matter what color they are, just as long as I can see them. There is a good reason the eyes are called the "windows to the soul" and I know we've all seen it. When I look closely at a woman's eyes and she holds my gaze I feel like I am seeing her true self. Her eyes say things that no words can convey. Even more than seeing her naked I feel like she is trusting me and it is always an honor to feel that. I love to watch the light play with her iris and count the colors that bounce around inside.

Her legs.
Yes, I have a thing for legs. Shapely legs are incredibly sexy, there is just no getting around it. Breasts, hips, ass and all the rest are great to look at, but for me it's about the legs. Legs don't have to be perfect or a certain shape, just -- nice. One of the most sublime pleasures in this world is rubbing a woman's legs just after she has shaved. I will always volunteer to rub in the moisturizer after her shave. I can feel her fresh, supple skin and caress her calves. I can massage her thighs and rub her feet all day if she'll allow it. Nice legs are wonderful to watch while she is bathing, or walking, or stretching or simply sitting.

Her shoulders.
Ever since I was a pre-pubescent I adored a woman's bare shoulder. Seeing a bare shoulder is a guilty pleasure, almost like sneaking a peak as she gets undressed. A woman's shoulder, soft skin, open to the air, no bra strap, just her is amazingly sexy. Again I can't explain why it makes me so crazy but I can say I really like halter tops.

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