In the Beginning ............  

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3/25/2005 5:00 pm

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In the Beginning ............

How did this all start? What perilous path did I walk, that led me to this site? I SWEAR I was just a normal simple nice lad in the time "before". But then again, I still am, . Except that I'm often cruising the net looking for sex or something. Hey, that's "normal" isn't it? Nice one, thanks for the validation.

Well, the potential was always there. I mean, I was thinking about sex as soon as I was old enough to think about sex. I can remember being a young guy in my class at high school. And I would survey the room, considering every girl sitting around me. I quickly surmised, that if the opportunity presented itself, I would happily fuck a grand total of "all of them". And the teacher during lunch break.

I was pretty shy when I was young though, so such opportunities were rarely presented. Every now and again I might find myself entangled in a "kiss and grope" session, but nowhere near as often as I'd have liked. Maybe it was just a fashion thing, but back when I was at school the girls seemed to wear awfully short hemlines. I believe that this has had a permanent effect on me, .

So, apart from the odd soujourn of my hand up a girls skirt, or inside her blouse, by the time I left school I'd pretty much led a blameless life. Then came one of the major discoveries that would change my life. Alcohol!

Oh, what a MARVELLOUS invention. Firstly, it took away any shyness I might have had. Secondly, if a girl had had alchohol, and would let me put my hand up her skirt, she wasn't going to want me to just stop after rubbing her knickers a little bit. In fact, it wasn't unusual for my hand to end in such a position because the young lady concerned had placed it there herself. This wasn't school anymore, .

Alcohol caused me to have some very happy times in my late teens and early twenties. It wasn't just that it made women more accessible to me, but all the parties and socialising was fantastic too! I'd usually manage to live from pay to pay, enjoying the hell out of myself.

Suddenly, before I knew what was happening, I had a girlfriend, . This had it's upsides, and it's downsides. Sex was one of the upsides. Like me, Kate wasn't all that sexually experienced, but what she lacked in knowledge, she made up for with an enthusiasm to learn.

She'd been brought up in a home where sex was frowned upon, and this background had left Kate with rather conservative attitudes to sex. In a sense, she had to separate her "sexual self" from her "normal self". In practical terms, this meant that when she felt horny, she'd often try to supress it. And when that failed, she could turn into a total and absolute slut with me. I learned to love it, lol.

Often, as a way to overcome this conflict with herself, Kate would like to dress up. Role play allowed her to become someone else. Usually she would like to be a sexual aggressor, which suited me fine. In the end we would take turns with that role though. This suited me just fine too.

Sometimes the role play would become quite elaborate. With quite a bit of lead in dialogue and "scene setting". Being a guy who's not in a rush, I quite enjoyed this. Different items were a big feature, and were based on whichever characters were being played. A theme that ran through most games was that the sex between the two protagonists was "taboo" in someway. Which meant that there would usually be some initial resistence, before an eventual and inevitable caving in to lustful desires.

Anyway, by the time the relationship ended, I definitely knew what I liked. I may save some of the things we did for another blog or whatnot. This one is actually supposed to be about my experiences on the internet. If you stick with me, one thing you will learn is that I do enjoy a good digression, .

Kate and I were together for just over ten years. During that time I didn't have sex with anyone else, and hadn't really cared to. Like a lot of couples do, we got out of the habit of socialising with groups. And I'd become self employed by then too, in a working environment that didn't see me mixing with many single women. Once we parted I just sort've slowly wound down sexually. It wasn't anything planned, it just turned out that way.

I estimate that I could've gone for about three and a half years without sex of any kind! Well, apart from those superb love sessions I'd have with myself from time to time, . I'd needed to get a computer due to work, and eventually I started spending more and more time on it. Like anyone who first discovers the internet, it wasn't long before I'd found porn.

What was particularly interesting about porn on the net, was that it showed me what a wide variety of sexual expression there was. My previous exposure to porn had been the standard sort of stuff, and it was often predictable and tired. It's not that the "normal" sort of porn wasn't available on the net. It was that there was so much DIFFERENT stuff. I began to realise that all my fantasies and things I'd done, or dreamed of doing, were all pretty lame really.

I guess that at this time, everything was in place. Everything I needed to enter the debauch and lawless world of online dating! Well, it was at less DODGY, at any rate, . The only ingredient missing was any interest on my part. Or motivation to actually get my sexual needs met. Things were about to change though. That magic ingredient, the catalyst that sets in motion an unstoppable train, was about to enter my orbit. And the name of this cataclysmic entity, was Jeff ..........

To be continued, if any of you sods can be bothered reading it.

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