hole incrusted metal, batman!!!!  

Pandachick20 34F
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8/28/2006 1:19 am
hole incrusted metal, batman!!!!

damn, its beena a loooonnnnggg time since i wrote n e thing in thsi blog. damn, what shoud i say...well first off, to all readers...welcome, god damn it welcome. sit back relax rub a few off and unwind with my blog. it migt bore the shit out of you but who gives a shit...you wanted to read it. n e ways, for those of you who gave a shit, my son is now 10 months old, and growing like a god damn weed. baby proofing a house is more work then i thought. i have a new bf...can you say yey!!! sure, i knew you could. but there is one draw back, he's in iraq...can you say no...sure i knew you could say that too. and im also engaged.....how the fuck did that happen, i have no clue. i think i was drunk off may ass..who knows...only me i guess.

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