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Start slowly. Take a bath together. Throw rose petals in the bath water; light candles and incense so that the bathing place itself becomes an altar.
Look each other deep in the eyes until faces shift and thoughts fade. Tell each other how much you care. Now is the safe time to let go of anything held back, any untruths, fears, equivocations. Touch softly on the face, the shoulders, the hair. After your bath dry each other with soft towels and rub yourselves with sacred scents, perhaps with amber in pure oil.
Lie down in front of a fire or on a bed with soft blankets, and massage each other with long, slow movements of hands and arm. Push your hands slowly up each other’s backs about an inch on each side of the spine, from the sacroiliac, sacred space of energy, to the base of the neck where we gather such tension during the course of our daily wanderings. Breathe deeply. As you massage each other, be aware of the moment. Your world right now is that spot where fingers meet back. Concentrate on it. Where flesh touches flesh, you two are already coming together in a sacred space.

When you are ready, sit up comfortably and face each other. Your legs can be crossed if you are at ease that way, or you can prop yourselves against pillows or even in a very large chair. If you use consciousness expanding sacraments, now is a good time to partake of them.
Breathe deeply, look into each other’s eyes again, and see each other as divine. Behold god and goddess existing beyond your bodies and yet in them, beyond your personalities and yet acting through them. Be conscious. As you gaze, your partner’s face will shift and change, fade and become brilliant. Like a Picasso portrait, you may see simultaneous faces, one imprinted on the other.
Deepening your meditation as you look at each other third eye to third eye, you may see that third eye actually manifesting on the flesh between and just above the eyebrows. If you need to pull your attention away, stop and discuss that need, what you were thinking about and why. In your growing telepathic sensitivity, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and there is everything to share. The inner core of you has been waiting so long, lifetimes perhaps, for this very moment of intimacy.
This eye meditation is so powerful that you may just want to practice this yoga for several days without having union on any other level. The longer you practice it, the closer you will get, and the higher genital union will be when you finally come to it.

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