Awaken the ecstatic body and burn through negative programming  

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4/3/2005 12:10 am

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Awaken the ecstatic body and burn through negative programming

Some women can carry the traumatic imprints of millennia of injury and humiliation on a cellular level in their wombs and bodies.
These memories are reaffirmed as women experience unfulfilled, incomplete sexuality. Some compromise their vast potential by remaining in a state of denial about their own sexual needs, wants and desires. Conditioned by the media to feel insecure about their bodies and to compete for available men, women feel disenfranchised and seldom realize their full sexual prowess.

In order to reclaim sexual power; stop denying what has happened; how women lost their sexual power to religions and cultures that deny both their sexuality and spirituality. Sexuality and spirituality are inextricably connected; denying either of them denies wholeness. Such denial leaves fragmented beings searching for an identity misinformed by the inaccurate models perpetuated by sexually repressive cultures. Ironically the only models of women that the patriarchal religions have provided are those of the virgin-mother or the whore. In order to enshrine these inadequate and inaccurate models, patriarchal religions have had to demonize women, considering their basic spiritual natures synonymous with sin. The mystical feminine spirituality and its religious expressions were banished by patriarchs, leaving the woman at the mercy of misogyny in all aspects of social life. Witch burnings were the unchecked attempt to destroy the divine feminine. In its place we are expected to identify with either the demonized whore or the sacred but asexual virgin-mother. Having seen what has happened, we come to better understand why women are still deeply conditioned by what it means, culturally, to be a woman. A crucial step in recognizing our sexuality has been lost.

By tapping the collective unconscious, recognizing the male/feminine power and its richness, we can redefine the male/female paradigm and go beyond the prevalent and limited dualistic view of form and gender. In reconciling sexuality and spirituality, male and female, light and darkness while embracing all aspects of self. This non-dualistic path is a life journey probably Life's greatest adventure. There is no school which can inform you the levels of initiation needed. The greatest teacher is life, itself.

I am committed to freeing my Self. I hope to heal the deep wounds I see in women I meet along this path. Romantic love, the opening and closing of one’s heart, can become the perpetuation a pattern unless you can separate "your story" from who you are, that which remains untouched. Not all wounds need to be healed before one realizes liberation, as it is not required. What is important is that sufficient energy and attention are being liberated through the healing/ spiritual journey for ones consciousness to be free. Healing emotional wounds is an essential part of the work. Life is indeed a powerful healing journey. Awaken to the gift and do your sexual healing work. An intense catharsis can release you from even a rigid, sexually oppressive and dysfunctional upbringing. Letting go of extra psycho-emotional baggage prepares you to experience your heart opening through sex with a partner and realizing total ecstasy. In order to recognize your ecstatic nature, relying on life's circumstances is inadequate. This break-through is a culmination of rigorous self-investigation. A realization that you are that love that you are seeking to find outside yourself. That experience can permeate your body-mind-spirit and simply cannot be put in words.

A deep perception leads me to initiate people into the unfolding the mysteries of their male/feminine power. Every step on the journey is important. Awakening "shiva / shakti energy," the masculine and feminine powers, is so important. We are all embodiments of the infinite unfolding mysteries of both masculine and feminine powers. For healing to take place and for the sake of our sexual fulfillment the work must be done. If a man's sexual performance is a few minutes of intercourse before he ejaculates, a woman, whose body is a source of unlimited sexual ecstasy, is repressed. It is not a surprise that women complain about lack of sexual desire. There are Tantric and Taoist practices to enhance vitality, deepen intimacy and heighten pleasure. I enjoy my journey into sexuality, in the pursuit of healing the wounds of my cultural and religious inheritance. I am determined to liberate, to heal, and to empower people to get to know who they are. We share similar pasts, we live in a similar present. We can co-create our vision of a balanced, holistic, ecstatic, sensual, artistic, loving, spiritual, creative, peaceful, exciting future, where we all can embrace and embody every aspect of ourselves. For those who are ready to explore their sexuality, an empowering journey to heal, free and celebrate erotic power: It is essential that this work must be done in safety; facilitating the reconciliation of our sexuality and spirituality. Awaken the ecstatic body and burn through negative programming in order to a expand your consciousness. Powerful orgasmic breath processes, erotic dancing, sensual rituals, the healing power of touch are only a few of the practices involved in this transformational journey. Make new choices around your body, refuse the shame and guilt in favor of joy and pleasure. Have what you yearned for; a relationship with yourself that's organic, honest and wondrous. The deepening transformation, the tears of joy, the laughter, the risks taken, and the breakthroughs are a gift. Reclaim your roles in the art of love. I honor both the masculine and the feminine within and without, creating a new paradigm of man/woman as the source and embodiment of the infinite. I feel that this work is crucial to expanding our collective consciousness, crucial to understand our personal responsibility to be free as we are as sexual beings. Promoting this work in the world is a shared, collective responsibility.

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4/3/2005 12:44 pm

337 Bravo!I cannot tell you how many unfullfilled woman I come across over the years.It saddens me that,even now,woman hold this subject as taboo,the result is a sense of victimization and denial of our own responsibility to heal, and to allow not only physical pleasure but the right to spritual fullfillment and balance.I was fortunate to have a maternal figure in my life early on whom for the time was very progessive by instilling in me personal responsibility for orgasm ,mine and my partners.If am unsatified It's no ones responsibility but my own.

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