Society not allowing woman to...  

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3/13/2006 2:38 pm

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Society not allowing woman to...

Blondes have more fun...No...Men do! When a men gets drunk - he's just having a good time with the boys, when a woman gets drunk - she's 'NO GOOD'. If a guy bangs the whole neighbourhood - he is known as "THE MAN", a woman - known as "CHEAP". For ages society expects woman to be the wife at home..the Most woman live their lives how they "think" society wants them to. Everyone has secrets, desires, fantasies, sensual dreams - and it will all just stay that way...dreams - because "what will people think of me!" Girls..f**k the people and fuck only live ones, live your live while you can. Ever wonder what/how "other people" think - they all think just what you think, and just like you think. I know because I'm "other people" too, and so are you. When it comes to sexy fantasies, dreams, and desires..everyone is the same...we just dont wear the same masks to hide our sexy thoughts...

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