Mellow Morning, Mellow Blog...  

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10/25/2005 6:23 am

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Mellow Morning, Mellow Blog...

Up early this morning to study for an Arabic test, but I need a break from the rote memorization of vocabulary words. I feel back on track with school, like life is returning to a sort of balanced state.

No kids this week. Makes me want to run out and play, but I still have plenty of work to take care of. I am allowing myself one night out this week, though...

So far, this blog has been pretty boring compared to some of the more popular ones on this site. No wild escapades yet, fantasies left unmentioned... Maybe I am over blogged? I have one for basic stuff such as poetry, photography, general keeping in touch with far away friends, and another for political ranting and raving. Both are fairly well neglected, but I would hate to give up either.

So why do I need a third blog here? Well, if my social life becomes more active here I am sure that I will want a space to "scribble" about those sorts of adventures, a space that is not accessable throught my portfolio website, therefore through my resume... Not job hunting now, but you never know in this day and age.

But why not wait until I have something scandelous to write about before beginning the blog? Wishful thinking? Maybe.

I don't know. Blogs are almost like living creatures, constantly growing and changing. My main blog has been in existance for nearly five years now and it has had several different characters at different times from a dumb links log to personal newsletter to poetry notebook to... Who knows what next?

I am guessing that this one will be no different.

As for now, no sex to write about at the moment, no wild debauchery. Been thinking of attempting some erotica, one of the reasons for this, but I haven't had much time for personal writing since I started this.

Still... It's been a year since my marriage ended and I rebuilt my life on just about every level. Unfortunately, I neglected any sort of personal life outside of school and child rearing, and this year I need to focus on myself a little more.

With that in mind, I am sure I will have more to write about than how school is going for me, though I wouldn't mind writing about something in one of the private library study rooms.

Time and life... Everything moves.

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