My first contact! :?  

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4/10/2006 5:53 am
My first contact! :?

Well I recieved my first incoming contact. I was very excited to write back. Later in the eveining I saw the person was on Chat - So I sent a hello - got one back and then indicated I did not have much time to talk because my wife would be home soon. That seemed to end the conversation as she did not respond anymore and then ended the chat??

This surprised me because she had contacted me originally, and my profile clearly indicates that I am married, but looking for outside encounters. On top of that, her original contact to me indicated a need to be discreet, which suggested that she was in the same position. Unfortunately, I was not able to read her profile (that standard member problem) so I can not be sure.

This made me wonder - Do most people actually read a person's profile before trying to contact them? I know I do, as I do not want to waste my time, or that of others, if they do not match what I want. I will admit that I have sent notes to a few folks that either are too far, or not an exact match for me - but those have been notes indicating I enjoyed their profile, and wished them luck - not suggesting any additional contact.

In the continuing quest for understanding - this has inspired another poll - Do you read profiles before contacting someone?

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