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My favorite season is Autumn
the changing leaves
their rustle on the ground
as I walk through the woods
Vibrant color abounds like no other time
not spring, nor winter,
the green of summer seems stale
She whispers if you listen...
look out your window...
I am calling your name
come to me, embrace me
run through me and fall in me
look upon my beauty before it dies...
stand braced against my chill wind
turn your face to the warmth of my sunshine
close your eyes and see me for what I am...
the red in my maples,
the yellow of my birches,
the orange in my elms,
the green of my pines.
each forest is my pallet, each leaf my inspiration,
children pile high the stripped color of my withering youth,
and run, jump and play, with laughter, and joy
I embrace them with the gentleness of a breeze
And touch each nose and cheek and remember...
I smile with each sunset knowing....
I am one day closer to my seasons end
Yet, with the rising of the sun there is hope...
that I will be given one more day,
before the snow begins to fall.
one more day of children's laughter,
lovers embraces, and joy of life.
Look to the west and see my brilliance,
One more day gone by
but, today... I was Autumn.

evilgothgirl 52F

4/20/2006 2:25 pm

I really like this!!!

I am a writer, but, I get alot of crap here bacause I am a little on the morbid side...

Don't take any shit and keep on writing!

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