Breakfast just isn't the same  

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9/15/2005 4:57 am

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Breakfast just isn't the same

I feel a small pang of grief these days whenever I eat a Croissanwich from Burger King or when I make scrambled eggs at home. I don't have my dogs anymore to give scraps. I just made scrambld eggs, and had to share my experience.

2 years ago, before I had gotten my Husky, I had Frieda, a terrier-pointer mix. My wife (then fiance) chaperoned a trip to Europe which lasted several weeks. It was just Frieda and me, roughing it in the apartment. I came home from work each morning a little after 7, and during those 3 weeks, I made quite a few stops at Burger King, which was just down the block. I'd sit and eat my 2 Croissanwiches, and Frieda would sit eagerly at the foot of my chair, staring intently at my breakfast, willing me to give her a bite. I always broke off some bread and tossed it to her as I ate, culminating with the last complete tasty bite, full of bread, egg, cheese and sausage. It is a fond memory I have and though it saddens me to miss her, the memory itself leaves me happy.

Now, when I made scrambled eggs, both dogs, Frieda and Romeo (the Husky, he came after we moved into our house) would watch me in the kitchen and their patience was always rewarded with licks from the egg bowl, a piece of cheese each, and a piece of salami each, for which they had to do tricks. Romeo was less trained than Frieda and therefore less patient, but his "stay" was good enough. They never got any of my cooked eggs, but were allowed to share licks from the plate and each got some toast crust also.

I miss my dogs. Almost as much as I miss being married. When I was alone I could talk to them without disagreement, and I knew my secrets would always be kept. I'll get new dogs someday when I have my own house again. I can't ask my roommate to look after a dog during the night while I'm gone, and it's not fair for the dog to be cooped up in my room with me as I sleep all day. But I do look forward to that loyal compainionship again. I'll always remember Frieda and Romeo, my first dogs.

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