You Did What!!  

OskarZ1961 56M
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12/17/2005 10:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You Did What!!

I have this young fella working for me(I'll call him Cody). He's 18. The other 18 of us here including myself range from 24 - 45 , so we are all a little more experienced than he is when it comes to sex.

Anyways Kodi came back from days off the other day and when he gets back he starts talking about this new girl he met and how he has a story to tell. Well of course we are all pretty eager to hear his tale ,so we let him begin.

Well it starts like this he says, for a couple days I was hustling this girl who works at the take out window in Wendy's.Finally the other day I asked her out and she agreed , so I picked her up after work and took her to my place.
When we got there we had a couple drinks and started fooling around, I get her on the bed and start screwing her doggy style,then I take my finger and stick it in her ass.
As soon as I do she starts to tell me how much it hurts and that she wants to go home.I live out of town so I told her I wasn't about to take her home yet, so if she wanted to leave she would have to phone someone else, or walk. So with those being her only 2 choices she decided to stay. We continued to fool around and had a pretty good piece of ass, but I sure wish I could have got my cock in her ass.

This is where the advice comes in.
"Jesus Christ Cody" let me get this straight...your screwinmg her doggie style and then you stick your finger in her ass , Right
"ya" he says. "Dry" I say. He laughs and say "ya"
My god kid, you'll never get in her ass that way.
You gotta play with it tease it, wet your finger.

Try this..Next time get her up on her hands and knees..put 1 hand on each butt check, spread them apart with your thumbs and get in there with your tongue and lick her ass...probe it with the tip of your tongue...get a little spit on there and get her ass all slippery..then wet your finger and slowly slide it in ...working it a little at a time. Don't just shove the damn thing in there. Especially not dry.

You know if anyone has any other Ideas to help this poor kid out I would really love to hear them..The kid needs advice both Male and Female...We all have an opinion and I think Cody is gonna need alot of help.

And by the way, He got shit pretty good for not being decent enough to be a gentle man with her about the whole ride home thing.....that was the biggest disappointment of all.What a little asshole

HotTXpussy4U 49F

12/17/2005 12:06 pm

All I can say is - LUBE LUBE LUBE..and take it slow, even if it wasn't her first time. But then again, If had been given those options as far as leaving (especially when he showed no regard to my sexual comfort level)...then I'd have walked the fuck home. So if the story is true and she stayed...I think less of her than I think of him....for allowing herself to be disrespected. Apparently the kid doesn't read or watch any porno's..or he'd have known more about anal pleasure. Which can be great....when done with someone who gives a shit about the other person. Hmmmmm - - I didn't even know I had this much to say about the subject (learn something new about myself everyday)

rm_amdica 46M

1/8/2006 9:21 am

3 words, LUBE LUBE LUBE. And patience. If she isn't confortable, it ain't going to happen, so he definately needs to work on his manners.

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