More Toys than Santa's Workshop (Part 1 )  

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2/4/2006 5:50 pm

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More Toys than Santa's Workshop (Part 1 )

After our last encounter it came to light that Curious and I are both serious voyeurs and exhibitionists. I love to take pics and video and she loves it also. We are getting a pretty damn nice collection. We also love toys...lots and lots of toys. I had the opportunity to be in Edmonton Alberta for a couple days and they have a couple very nice shops in West Edmonton Mall, so I decided to stop in for a peek and when I was done I was a few hundred short and had bags of toys and lingerie for Curious.
While shopping I kept in mind that Curious has a Get Together coming up soon and would need a few things for that so I got her some very nice black lingerie to wear under a very nice black silky , shimmery skirt and a Black half length sweater that she could wear partial open and tied at the waste showing the shear black bustier that would be underneath. I also got a selection of toys for her to share with the girls. Her sexual satisfaction , exploration and expression are actually very important to me as that is what its really all about....Isn't it.

About a week later we had planned to Rendezvous at our usual spot. I had told her about the gifts and she was very excited to see and try the items that I had purchased, I was just as eager to accommodate her excitment. More so actually as there was a couple of surprises in the bags that she was unaware of.
We had agreed to leave a little earlier than usual in order to provide more time together so that we could play longer, harder and take some nice photos and video. As soon as we entered the room I began unloading the toys so Curious could look them over , I then brought out the bag that had the garments I had purchased, She was amazed and stunned by how well I had put the whole outfit together and how well it looked. However there was some concern as to sizing and weather or not it would fit as well as we hoped it would. Curious took the items and retired to an area out of my view so she could slip into it and adjust it to look as best as she could. I heard a faint”Oh my god”. Thinking the worst, that in fact I may have bought it to big or perhaps to small, I asked if everything was okay and did it fit well. She replied that she could not believe it and that it fit perfectly. As she came back into the room and my view, I was totally amazed. I had a vision in my mind as to how it would look when I was purchasing it all, but never did I imagine what I now saw before me. It was more and better than I had envisioned and took my breath completely away. She looked beyond fabulous…Way beyond

It was amazing to see her stand there, fidgeting with the tie around her waist, sort of swaying back and forth at the waist as she talked to me and told me how surprised she was that everything looked and fit perfectly. I could not keep my eyes on her. I reached for my Digital camera and said “Now take it off….Slowly”. ( Oh yes , I forgot to mention that I had asked her to bring her tall black boots…The amazing ones I love so much and have spoke of before in previous posts over at Oskarz1961)
As she slowly and seductively removed her Top and the slinked the shimmery skirt off her hips and let it fall to the floor I was taping the whole thing. Then with the skirt on the floor she stepped out of it and stood there in just her Bustier, nylons and a very very sexy pair of panties with her knee high Black boots. It was an awesome sight. Curious then lay back on the bed and began rubbing herself thru the shear panties…the video continued to roll. Beside her on the bed was the array of toys that we had laid out previously. She reached over and took a hold of a nice thick vibrator, pulling her new panties to the side she began to slowly and rythmicly insert it into her now very wet pussy. It was so erotic to watch her thru the lense as she worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy, pinching her nipples and playing with her tits. My cock grew seriously hard and rigid while I watched. I wanted to just drop the cam to the floor and join her on the bed but I continue to video as I tried to maintain control of myself as the show Curious was putting on was for me and the camera and was certainly worthy of letting her continue until I was motioned to join her.
Soon after getting control of my urge to join her Curious began reaching for another vibrator which she slowly worked into her ass. I could see her smiling as she put on her show knowing that watching and waiting was killing me. It was torture watching he play with herself. One vibrator in her ass, one in her pussy. Slowly fucking herself, teasing me by not allowing me indication of her need for my now throbbing hard cock to be buried deep with in her.
Finally the signal, the smile I was waiting for , the come hither motion of her finger as she invited me to join her. I placed the Camera on the dresser pointing in the direction of the bed, removing my clothes as I made my way to join her. Raising her legs and spreading them apart I start to lick and tongue her sweet pussy and ass. She is so wet and so delicious. The sweet smell of pussy filling my nostrils. I roll her legs upwards and forward so her knees are almost on her shoulders. Sliding my hard cock deep inside here I begin fucking her fast and as deep as I can .I use my shoulders to keep her in place and free up my hands so that I can use 1 to fondle and play with her tits and pinch her nipples as I use the other to hold her by the throat and lovingly choke her just the way she likes it.
After fingering her sweet as I then reach for a vibrator so that I may fill her tight ass with it and feel the vibrations humming thru he as I Slam my cock into her fucking her rough and furious, choking her sweetly and occasionally leaning over her to bite her neck and hard nipples. The excitement of the video taping and the feel of the vibrations running thru her are to much for me to continue trying to control myself. I can feel the need to cum welling up inside me and with a sudden throbbing pulse I let loose a large hot load of cum spewing from my cock inside her warm pussy. I withdraw myself and move to the edge of the bed beside her so she can taste and lick her pussy juice and the remaining cum from my now semi hard exhausted cock

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