Boxing Day 3 of 3 ( Every end brings a new beginning)  

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1/18/2006 1:59 pm

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Boxing Day 3 of 3 ( Every end brings a new beginning)

Things have been in a bit of a sexual whirl wind lately. Curious and I are so far behind on keeping up this blog its going to be hard to catch up, but I will try to get started today.

The biggest reasons Curious and I hooked up was
A: We made an instant connection online
B: We made an even bigger connection when we first met
C: We both wanted to explore things sexual with out any judgments
D: We fuck together like animals

We have discovered that both of us enjoy being tied up. This of course was discovered in the later part of our boxing day rendezvous. Curious tied me to the bed and blind fold me. This of course giving her total control. As I lay there she softly licked me from my neck down to my balls. She would stop occasionally to give me nip between her teeth. Touching me and softly stroking me with her hands. It was an awesome sensation because being blind fold I had no idea what was about to happen next, and by being tied I was restrained so that no matter how badly I wanted to grab her I could not, I was helpless and at her mercy. I could feel her licking my balls and rubbing her finger around my butt. Then I could feel her tongue as she licked me around my ass.Then she began to suck on me while she gently inserted her finger in me. Okay…now we had agreed very early on that any thing goes except water sports, animals and minors. So having that in my mind I lay there in anticipation for what ever she had in mind. I could hear a soft squish as she must have been getting some lube for my butt…then I could feel it on the crack of my ass as she began to work her finger inside me…all the while sucking on my cock and stroking the shaft with her soft moist lips. It was actually pretty dam good, having her finger in my ass while she was done on me.
Then came the soft hum of a vibrator...I could feel the vibrations as she played with it against my ass…the very slowly Curious began to work the vibrator inside me. Holy fuck me….What an awesome sensation. It was fucking awesome, mostly because it was something new for both of us but also because there was nothing I could do. Nothing I could say….We had agreed that this was about fulfilling fantasy and if this was hers I was all for it….my god. I didn’t know whether to piss or shit or cum. Luckily I came….and came hard….it was great to feel the vib in me as I bucked and squirm…Cumming in Curious’s mouth,,,feeling her lips bare down on me to suck out every last drop. Squeezing my balls in her tiny hands. I lay there total satisfied as she unblindfold me and set me free of my bondage.
The rest of the night went as per usual with us fucking like animals. Scratching and clawing, biting and pinching. But we certainly have a new road to travel in the future

Curious and I now have a profile together as a couple it is at 2plus1issofun here on AdultFriendFinder.
This will be the last post in this Blog as we are starting one together over at our new profile. All of this blog is true but written by my perspective. Things will be more interesting now as Curious is a very articulate writer with an amazing sense of adventure. She has a few things cooking for herself that I may or may not be able to participate in but what ever she does will probably wind up on our new blog. If you have enjoyed this one you will be thrilled with the new one.

Hope to see you there. Would love to hear your comments.

Thanx Oskar & Curious

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