Here is a little bit of a story I started to write when I was in the UK  

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Here is a little bit of a story I started to write when I was in the UK

I don’t know about you but I’ve fantasized about being teleported to a different time and place quite often, so when I found my self actually waking up to a place I didn’t know and different from where I went to sleep I wasn’t too choked. First thing I did was check my-self. Had I bin knocked out by any physical injury or was I drugged? Nope, everything was good. Ok now what do I have with me and where was I actually? And this is where it gets even stranger. I found my-self in the middle of a field on the sofa I was sleeping on, my cloths I was last wearing and I had my backpack with paper, pens, 2 little tools sets, needles and black thread.

It look to be sometime in the morning because the grass in the field was still wet from the morning do. I Put on my shoes and started to check if there were any car tracks and to see if I could find any sign of how I got there.

After about 20min I realized there were no marks on any kind in the surrounding area. Ok time to let the imagination kick in. So I decided to take everything I could from the sofa and but it in my pack. Lucky for me there was a fur blanket over it. Now let get some wood to make a fire and find something I could use as a weapon to hunt and defend my-self.

The thing I find weird here is that the grass is cut and it’s not like a field of wield grass. Better make the fire very big so I can attract the attention of the owners of this field. I laugh to my-self imagining nights on horse back coming to see what the smoke is all about. Takes me a good 3 to 4 hours to get all that I need to make a good fire near the sofa. By were the sun is above my head and what my stomach tells me it’s about noon, around 12 to 1pm, I found a good solid branch that I can use as a pole arm and rocks that I used to sharpen one of the ends.

Now how to start the fire? Checked to see if I had a lighter or matches. Found matches, good!! It didn’t take too long before I had a good fire going and I even managed to keep every sheet of paper. I’m very proud of my-self.

Let see if I can find berries or even find me a kill so I can cook some meet. A good distance away I find a field of apple trees and green grape vines, now I know I’m on someone’s land. But who and where. I try to look for a house not to far away or hell even a castle, but there was nothing close. I seem to be in a valley so there maybe something on the other side of that ridge I see over there. I’ll go see later after I’ve eaten because right now I’m really hungry and by what I can see my fire is starting to make enough smoke that someone might see from over that ridge. As I arrive at my sofa and fire I find two wolves sniffing around. I stopped and waited down wind until they left.

Up to now everything that has happened was still possible, and I was still in 2005. But that soon all changed. My first denial came when I heard the noise, a low but powerful rumble coming from upwind. I was actually hoping it was 4x4s or even fire trucks. But I knew very well what that sound was. I had seen too many movies not to know this sound. The second denial came when I saw them shining in the setting sun behind me. They were very impressive. That’s when the wolves decided to leave.

Ok so the wolves are gone, cool. But now they have been replaced by six dumb founded shining solders. A glimmer of possibility passed through my mine as I realized that I could be at a LARP (Live Action Role Playing). So heck why not challenge reality and climb right into the impossible, let’s go down and meet these guys. If you don’t ask you’ll never know the answer to your question.


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4/15/2006 9:57 am

heh heh heh Thanks

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