Trisome or one of my best sexual experience  

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Trisome or one of my best sexual experience

I haven’t had a lot of experience in sex as I only had one partner (an ex girlfriend) and only two one nightstand with and equal number of… professionals.

The story I’m about to tell is one of my three most unforgettable laid… In fact, I loved the experiences so much they’re become a haunted memory… something I can’t get free of. I hope by telling this stories, I’ll free myself from them.

At the time of this story, my girlfriend and I were still together. My girlfriend was a 5 feet 10 lady with short brown hair and brown eyes. And she had a C type breast (can’t remember the numbers) that was quite round and well shaped. In overall, she was well proportioned with a pair of cheeks that were large enough to be a pleasure to grasp during intercourse. But the last and most important physical quality she possessed, was a pussy that was incredibly warm and juicy which, at the time of this story, was covered by a nice layer of dark pubic hair. Hair that I loved to play with during sex.

My girlfriend’s fantasy has always been to do a ménage à trois with another man. But, for some reasons, the occasion never presented itself to us… That is, until that night!

One of my friends came home for the evening and brought with him a bottle of vodka. As the evening passed, we became more and more drunk. Also, we were getting more and more… cosier. Suddenly, I noticed that my girlfriend had started to seduce my friend. She were patting and stroking his legs and chest. And she kept getting closer and closer to him. Half joking, I told her that as her boyfriend, I was becoming jealous. Upon those words, she looked at me and told me “tonight, is the night she realised her dream”! Then, she dived on my friend and started to kiss him on the cheek, the lips and undertook to nibble his hears. In response to this, my friend told me to do something because if not, she was so hot he’ll have to laid her.

As I realised that he was serious, I took my girlfriend by the arms and asked her if she was sure that is what she wanted! She answered that yes she wanted him and me together. Since everyone agreed on that, we immediately headed for the bedroom. Once there, we started to shed our clothes with the exception of my girlfriend who wanted that I undressed her while I did this, I’ve noticed that the penis of my friend was uncircumcised, fully erected and of a beautiful shape. As I did so, I realised that my girlfriend didn’t move as if she waited for something. Then, I realised that she was indeed waiting for something: my own consent! Thus I told her: “What are you waiting for? Suck him!”

As soon as she heard that, she dived on to my friend’s cock and started to give him a blowjob as if her life depended on it. As she worked her mouth and tongue on his penis, the look on my friend’s face turned from a nervous expectation to the one of a sexual bliss. At the look on how she took care of his manhood, I easily understood why. Meanwhile, I was between my girlfriend’s legs licking her crack and clit; and also deep tonguing her. It seemed I was doing a good job as she rewarded my efforts moans of pleasure.

As I licked her love canal and also because the bedroom was becoming filled with sound of lovemaking, my own excitation reached its peak and I was endowed with an 6 inches erected penis hard as steel. At this moment, I thought it was time to go for the main course. I positioned myself inside my girlfriend legs and I inserted my red-hot love pistol inside her steamy love hole. Slowly at first, I started the back and forth motion so that my girlfriend vagina started to produce her creamy lubricant. Once she was creamy and juicy, I look into hers eyes and asked again if she was sure she wanted to go all way up with it. Between two passionate moans, she answered me yes! At this moment, I turned to my pal and told him: “Come! It’s your turn!” I did have to repeat myself; He pulled his dick out of my girlfriend wonderful mouth and went straight to her pussy. He didn’t waste time to penetrate her and start the pumping motion either. Soon, what was the moans of love that filled the bedroom, became shout and yell of pleasures that could be heard two block away (even today, I still wondered why the cop didn’t come knocking at my door).

During this lovemaking, my girlfriend was completely transformed. She wasn’t my sweet loved partner in bed; she was transformed into a vampire love machine obvious of what was happening around her except her own pleasure. As my buddy was pumping her, I took his former place so that, I too, could enjoy a blowjob. Although she started to work her mouth on my penis, giving me wave of pleasure in the process, she soon got so distracted by her own pleasure she completely forgot about me. It was understandable of course as my friend was making an excellent job in ramming her pussy. After a while, I just gave up about her giving me a blowjob and lay down beside them and enjoyed the show while stroking my dick.

After my girlfriend came a number of times, my friend told me he was tired and needed to rest a bit. At the sound of disappointment of my girlfriend, I gladly to his place and started to penetrate her. Her pussy was all wet from the previous action and I lost no time in picking the beat and was rewarded by her screams of pleasure.

At a point, I lost count of how many times she came. I was way to concentrate of keeping up the tempo and I forgot about everything around me. Suddenly, I realised something was odd: she wasn’t screaming anymore… in fact, she was completely quiet! I stopped my hammering motion and bent down to see what was going on… She was breathing! What a relief! This was then I realised that she passed out! I just couldn’t believe it! My girlfriend had passed out due to too many orgasms… I also noticed that my friend had also dozed of probably because of the alcohol.

I waited a bit until my girlfriend regained her consciousness and I asked her if she was all right. She smiled at me and answered me that this was the best fuck she ever had. That she saw a whole galaxy of stars. At this point, my friend, who I learned that he came twice while watching us, said that he was tired and went into the guess room for the night. Meanwhile, I kept talking to my girl and asked her, half joking half serious, which cock did she prefer? She answered me: “Both! I like them both as they are different!” Surprised, I asked her to explain herself and she answered: “His is shorter than yours but thicker; it fill me up completely. Yours is thinner than him but longer and your reach is far better than his… this is why I love them both!” at this point, she turned toward me and with a begging look on her face she asked me:

-“Honey, please, can I ask you something?”
-“Sure! What?” I answered.
- “I’m still horny for his dick… please could we do it again…I still want some… now!”

After I gave her my consent, I went to wake up my friend so he could join up for another round. At first, he refused saying the vodka had numbed him so much that he couldn’t get a hard on anymore. Hearing this my girlfriend replied: “Don’t worry! Let me take care of that” and she started to suck, lick and pump my friend dick once again. You could say that my friend was delightfully surprise at the effectiveness of the magic she worked on his penis.

Once again, I was between her legs licking and sucking her clit and pussy; getting her ready for my friend to enter her. Once again, my girlfriend was in heaven as my friend’s dick was pumping her to nirvana. This time, however, we did it a bit differently: my friend and I traded places after each time my girlfriend had an orgasm. This enables us to rest a bit and last longer. We keep doing this the whole night.

Finally, around four O’clock in the morning, we all collapsed of exhaustion. I was the first to wake up around… noon. Somehow, I wasn’t that surprised to notice that my girlfriend had slept with both our penis in each of her hand. The second thing I noticed was the smell of sex that was still floating in the apartment and the last thing was the look of pure satisfaction on the face of my girlfriend…

I lost the sight of my friend a few months after that as he went back to his hometown. As for my girlfriend, she left me for another guy a few years later and 10 months after the birth of our son… leaving the son in my care!

For those who would have wanted to have more detail about that creasy night, I am sorry! It was hard enought for me to relive that night that I had to gloss over a few details to get it done. Lets just say that during that night, we did it in so many ways and so many times; it is hard to remember every single details. We probably did it in everyway possible except anal penetration... this was out of question.

I hope you liked it, personaly, I did it to free myself and now, I can say that I am succesful.

see yaa

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